FITC Toronto 2013

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At Google IO 2010 Michael Chang was introduced to a poorly-shaven Ricardo Cabello, creator of THREE.js, who showed him about ten lines of Javascript – a language he was mostly unfamiliar with at the time – upon which he had the inspiration to create a particle demo that ended up becoming one of Google’s homepage logo.
It struck him as a transformative experience because he was not used to the immediacy of ‘creative coding’ delivered directly to the web, having skipped Flash and most of HTML5’s earlier developments, Michael was a Processing nerd that usually created work in the form of offline apps and rendererd video.
With the intervening years THREE.js became a thing, and his job at Google’s Data Arts Team gave him a chance to really sit down and have a hard look at WebGL.
Please join Michael as he shares his one year journey with THREE.js, the lessons he has learned, and learn about how you can use it in your endeavor to bring visually engaging content to the web.