FITC Toronto 2013

2013-04-21 00:00:00 2013-04-24 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Toronto 2013 With more than 70 renowned digital creators from around the globe, FITC Toronto attendees will be given the opportunity to learn from some of the most influential names in the digital space. Toronto FITC Toronto


10-Foot 2 Inches: Designing Apps for Up-Close & Afar

Jenna Marino
UX Lessons from the USSR: The Trouble with Manifestos

Erik von Stackelberg
Creative Director, Myplanet
Exploring the Creative Coding Landscape

Rick Mason
Senior Developer, Relish Interactive
The Art of F*cking-Up (Subtitle: Failure, The Only Option)

Sara Blake
Illustrator and Designer, ZSO
The Science of Effective Software Design

Adam Thody
The One about the Native HTML5 App on Windows 8

Paul Laberge
Lessons Learned from Ladies Learning Code

Pearl Chen
Technologist & Educator, Make This Studio
Philosophical Solutions to Agile Engineering

Topher Bullock
Agile Engineer, Pivotal Labs
HTML5 and Windows Phone: BFF

Paul Laberge
Enhancing the User Experience Through the Sense of Touch

Bob Heubel
Haptic Technology Evangelist, Immersion
Demystifying Native, Web, and Hybrid Mobile Development on BlackBerry 10

Manny Elawar
Microsoft’s Modern UI

Paul Laberge
Building A Web App In 100% JavaScript

Carl Bergenhem
Tools of the Processing Trade

David Bouchard
Responsive Design Techniques, Tools and Design Strategies

Paul Trani
Principal Worldwide Evangelist, Adobe
Make Something Ugly: An Experimental Creative Process

Myron Campbell
It’s Not Enough To Be Brilliant – You Have To Be Convincing, Too.

Lanny Geffen
Director of User Experience and Strategy, OneMethod
Future web layouts

Chris Mills
Senior Tech Writer, Mozilla
Experimenting with Creative Process

Qanta Shimizu
Chief Technology Officer / Founder, PARTY New York
Building Native Apps: A Digital Canvas for Coders and Designers

Walter Luh