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Responsive design, content adaptation, automatically adjustable brightness and other techniques are meant to improve the end user experience. However, those techniques take in consideration device sensors input and not you as a human being! Of course, you can adjust your device settings, but think for a second how cool it would be to have the app adapt to you automatically. Imagine you playing a game where the main character changes accordingly to your genome profile.  During this talk, we’ll discover how to embed in an existing game the logic needed to have a character interact with the game environment according to strength, speed, resistance, etc. provided by your DNA profile.

Target Audience

Mobile engineers, engineering managers, entrepreneurs.

Assumed Audience Knowledge

Some bases of iOS and Android development, consuming restful API and some experience with the mobile development ecosystem.

Five things audience members will learn

  1. How to read basic info from a human genome
  2. Effectively consume external data on an unreliable network
  3. Integrating external data into existing game engines
  4. Influence the game engine and character behaviors
  5. Exchange securely data on a mobile network