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(Re)aligning The Way 400,000 People Think
Companies are beginning to understand that great design incites an emotional connection. This doesn’t occur at the enterprise level, but in the hearts of each individual user. Changing a 100+… Read more…
Business Design Keynote Work Better
Adam Cutler
Design Studio Practices Director, IBM Design
21st Century Crystal Ball
Sometimes if you’re lucky, you get asked to do a really big project. If the project is a good stretch or you need to pay the bills, then of course… Read more…
Collaboration JavaScript Work Better
Sophi Kravitz
Director of Product, Hackaday
3D Printing Pop-Up Studio
MakeLab is bringing its fleet of 3D Printers to The Hub for drop-in designing. Join the MakeLab team for a crash course on 3D Printing where you’ll design an object… Read more…
3D Printing The HUB
5000 First Impressions
The hard partying life of interactive installations For a decade Jared worked on and then directed the official SXSW Interactive opening party.  As The Verge put it “… first it… Read more…
Creative Code Inspire Storytelling
Jared Ficklin
Chief Creative Technologist, argodesign
A Motion Designer and Developer Walk into a Bar
Our worlds are converging. Designers and coders are seamlessly blending their talents to unlock a new level of production value and interactivity in their work. With this great power comes… Read more…
Creative Code Design Motion
Eric Decker
VP of Technology, Firstborn
Ron White
Sr. 3D Artist, Firstborn
A New Era for Animators
Animation is powerful and is not going anywhere as long as humans have eyeballs. What does change is technology. And as a creative we want to worry less about technology… Read more…
Animation UX/UI Web Dev
Paul Trani
Principal Worldwide Design Evangelist, Adobe
Accepting The True Meaninglessness of Everything We Do
David will be speaking candidly about creating art – both in general and as it relates to the new wave of 3D. About what motivates us and how that changes over… Read more…
Art Inspire Work Better
David OReilly
Filmmaker and Artist,
For the past decade, Nicholas Felton has methodically captured and shared his life in a series of projects collectively known as the Feltron Annual Reports. These reports apply data visualization… Read more…
Inspire Storytelling
Nicholas Felton
Information Designer,
Always Beginning
Hear how Dixon’s adventuring and stubborn naivety has brought new vigor to her category melding practice. She’ll share how monumental change has amplified her love of exploratory making, leading her… Read more…
Keetra Dean Dixon
Designer & Artist, Keetra Dean Dixon
Animation Prototyping; Using After Effects to Push the Web Forward
Web animation has dominated conversations for the last few years. Front-end developers and interaction designers are hungry to provide more value than just arranging boxes and text on screen. Users… Read more…
Animation Front-End UX/UI
Ron Edelen
Partner + Design Director, Myjive
Beauty Works – Aesthetics, Objectivity and Design
As design has been getting more attention, so has the idea that beauty is a natural outcome of good design.  Somehow, it seems beauty can even serve as a benchmark… Read more…
Design Inspire The B-Side
Mark Rigley
Development Lead, Shopify
Beyond The Line
Most people who work in advertising are familiar with the terms “above” and “below the line.”  But with technology invading every area of our culture, the digital realm exists outside that… Read more…
Inspire Storytelling Work Better
Kim Alpert
Beyond the Waterfall: Rethinking How We Work
Designer passes comp to developer. Developer develops. Project done. Unfortunately, this traditional ‘waterfall’ approach is riddled with missed opportunities. Given the complexity of our web projects today, collaborative workflows can… Read more…
Work Better
Maya Bruck
Senior Product Designer, Etsy
Bringing a Passion Project to Life
After years of successful services work, Relish Interactive set out to create their first piece of original content. A digital first franchise, The Incredible Tales of Weirdwood Manor is an… Read more…
Gaming Storytelling The B-Side
Paul Pattison
Founder, Managing Director, Relish
Bringing the Future to Life
There are no facts about the future, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start designing it. By combining foresight and strategic innovation — through the creation of immersive experiences that… Read more…
Business Inspire The B-Side
Trevor Haldenby
President + Time Traveler, The Mission Business Inc.
Creating Beautiful CSS Animations
Animations on the web have a storied history and no consistent approach. Using CSS animations is still considered an experimental technology but much can be created already. In this talk,… Read more…
Beginner Front-End JavaScript
Rami Sayar
Senior Technical Evangelist, Microsoft
Creative Coding with React & SVG
Developers today are exploring creative code to build something expressive and engaging. Traditionally this has been done with frameworks such as Processing and Cinder, and on the web, both Canvas… Read more…
Creative Code Front-End Web Dev
Varun Vachhar
Technical Director,
Defying Definition: The Path to Eschewing Traditional Design Genres
David will show how one small design gesture in an animation can plant the seed for a much larger-scale physical experience. Through the personal and collective journeys he has taken, he’ll prove that design… Read more…
Design Inspire
David Lehman
Designer, HUSH
Design to the Future
From mobile devices to augmented reality and the internet of things, tech is moving off the screen and into the world — but is the force benign for humans, or dangerous?… Read more…
Creative Code Inspire
Sarah Groff-Palermo
Creative Technologist,
Dolby Audio Browser Showcase
The web stands as a ubiquitous, pervasive platform with unmatched access for digital entertainment. As HTML5 fills the gaps between the flat, 2-dimensional experiences of old to bring flowing animations… Read more…
Audio The HUB
DOM Features You Didn’t Know Existed
We get excited over new HTML5 APIs and new CSS features, but many developers aren’t aware of the diverse array of native DOM features that are available — many of them… Read more…
Front-End JavaScript Web Dev
Louis Lazaris
Managing Editor, SitePoint
Don’t Be an Asshole, and Other Things I’ve Learned
Doing good work without losing your soul is hard. It’s a lot about process, a lot about making hard decisions, and a lot about failing often and not doing those… Read more…
Business Inspire Storytelling
Jay Grandin
Partner & Creative Director, Giant Ant
DownTheRabbitHole.js – How to Stay Sane in an Insane Ecosystem
Today it feels like Javascript tools and libraries are popping like up mushrooms. And just like fungi, if you pick the wrong one, it could lead to some real suffering.… Read more…
Frameworks Intermediate JavaScript
Branden Hall
CEO/Maker, Automata Studios
Draw by Light
Draw by Night is (literally) bringing draw-in-the-dark experience to FITC. Drop by The Hub and leave your message to the universe with light – tell us your dark secrets, aspirations,… Read more…
Embedding Cognitive Innovation in Design
Graham Churchill, Business Leader, IBM Bluemix Digital Innovation Platform Learn the art of the possible with cognitive. Hear how Watson has gone beyond Jeopardy and is now being embedded into… Read more…
Inspire Panel Storytelling
Anton McConville
Developer Advocate, IBM Bluemix
Sabaa Quao
President, /Newsrooms
Tanya Collier MacDonald
Founder and CEO, Orenda
Graham Churchill
Business Leader - Bluemix Digital Innovation Platform, IBM Canada Ltd
Yulia Vasilyeva
Founder & CEO, Intelocate
Rick Goldberg
Sr. Designer and UX Design Lead, IBM Bluemix Garage
Emergent Narrative: What We Can Learn From Dungeons & Dragons
Interactive narrative hasn’t changed much in forty years – it’s still ruled by limited options and predestined outcomes. While digital RPG gameplay has become more sophisticated, the stories remain rather… Read more…
Film Storytelling VR
Stefan Grambart
Game Designer, Writer, Director,
Everyday Transformative Powers
This is a talk for all of us who find “the world” too big to be the change we’d like to see, but who still feel driven to do something… Read more…
Chrys Wu
MacDiva, Defies Description
Feeling Films – The Future of Tactile Media
Haptic effects — or force-feedback — has been relegated mainly to console gaming world for the past twenty years.  But with advances in the both mobile and VR, it won’t be long… Read more…
Film Inspire Storytelling
Bob Heubel
Haptic Technology Evangelist, Immersion
Paige Raynes
Director of Content Operations, Immersion
From Agency Drones To Design Studio Powerhouse
Nearly every designer after a few years of working for an agency, begins to think about starting his or her own studio. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a fancy… Read more…
Business Inspire Storytelling
Irene Pereyra
Co-Founder, Anton & Irene
Anton Repponen
Co-Founder, Anton & Irene
From All Sides: An Honest Conversation About Women In Technology
Join our panelists in an open and engaging talk about experiences being a woman in their field. From coming up and early days, to current awkward moments we will examine,… Read more…
Irene Pereyra
Co-Founder, Anton & Irene
Stacey Mulcahy
Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Garage
Catt Small
Product Designer & Game Maker, Asana
Pearl Chen
Technologist & Educator, Make This Studio
Kim Alpert
Future Arcades
Arcades were once an exciting meeting place for the public to see the latest innovations in game interaction. Detailed graphics, holograms, delightful combination of physical hydraulics and digital effects and… Read more…
Design Gaming Inspire
Zander Brimijoin
Creative Director and Co Founder, Red Paper Heart
Gamify Your Life – My Epic Quest of Awesome
Wouldn’t it be great if your real life was as compelling as the video games that you play?  Several years ago Eric created a Dungeons & Dragons-type experience system for his… Read more…
The B-Side Work Better
Eric Boyd
Founder & Chief Cyborg, Sensebridge
How to Get the Public to Fund Your Daft Ideas
There is no overview. Target Audience Anybody Five things audience members will learn How to make a rap video How to work on Christmas Day How to make the Queen… Read more…
Mr Bingo
Illustrator, Animator and Graphic Designer, Mr Bingo
I Heard React Was Good
There is no doubt React is here to stay, it’s popularity is on the rise. But if you are new to JS or new to JS frameworks you might be… Read more…
Front-End JavaScript Web Dev
Ryan Christiani
UX Developer Lead, Shopify
Is Lean UX Agile’s Brain? How Lean UX Fixes Common Agile Challenges
Agile development methods are sweeping the software industry, but reconciling UX, Agile and stakeholder demands for certainty are a struggle for many companies. Expanding on a (in)famous “Agile doesn’t have… Read more…
Front-End Intermediate UX/UI
Nick Van Weerdenburg
Just Make Stuff!
Tools help us create beautiful, usable experiences for devices. However, they can also get in the way of creativity; designers and developers sometimes spend more time thinking about process, software,… Read more…
Inspire Work Better
Catt Small
Product Designer & Game Maker, Asana
Kickstarting Your Stupid Project
Thinking about crowdfunding your next project? Hear Holly’s blow-by-blow account of how she launched the first issue of Stupid Magazine via a successfully-funded Kickstarter campaign. She’ll share what worked, what… Read more…
Business The B-Side Work Better
Holly Knowlman
Editor, Stupid Magazine
Let the Games Begin! With Experiential IoT​
Learn how experiential technology provides new ways for people to interact with the physical world and the unique experiences brands can now create. We’ll get our hands dirty with IoT… Read more…
Creative Code Gaming The B-Side
Richard Blakely
CEO, Influxis
Branden Hall
CEO/Maker, Automata Studios
Making Sausages: A Day in the Life of a Creative Technologist
Even the greatest of sausages, regardless of how well they are presented, are full of good parts and ugly parts. At the end of the day, all anyone remembers is… Read more…
Inspire Storytelling
Stephen Martell
VP, Creative Technology, Current Studios
Making Work For Humans, Not Consumers
Every brand wants to engage their audience, but far too many fail by overcomplicating the work. They aim for a viral video that feels “authentic” yet speak in a pre-calculated voice.… Read more…
Creative Code Inspire Storytelling
Ivan Cash
Founder, Cash Studios
Migrating to Angular 2
AngularJS was originally created in 2009 as an end-to-end solution for web designers wanting to build simple web apps. Over the last 6 years it has evolved into a component based… Read more…
Frameworks JavaScript Web Dev
Rob McDiarmid
Software Architect, Konrad Group
Mutating Mobile Gaming
Responsive design, content adaptation, automatically adjustable brightness and other techniques are meant to improve the end user experience. However, those techniques take in consideration device sensors input and not you… Read more…
Frameworks Gaming Inspire
Giorgio Natili
Engineering Lead, Akamai Technologies
Only You Can Prevent Skynet
A.I. is becoming both a business tool & a consumer product.  It is a major design challenge & filled with intoxicating possibilities.  Let’s play that futurism out and then discover how… Read more…
The B-Side
Jared Ficklin
Chief Creative Technologist, argodesign
Open Sourcing the Secret Sauce
Hear and walk away with the best open source libraries and tools Jam3 has produced out of its collection of over 100 repositories. Learn how an award-winning agency has gone… Read more…
Business Libraries Web Dev
Mikko Haapoja
Director of Creative Technology, Jam3
Matt DesLauriers
Artist & Coder,
Out of the Box
Michael Muller is often referred to as “the most successful photographer you’ve never heard of”. Closing in on three decades of shooting, Michael’s body of work crosses over every aspect… Read more…
Inspire Storytelling
Michael Muller
The landscape of design is never a smooth terrain. James White of the Signalnoise Studio had a rough 2015. It was a year of change, peril, emotion and distraction which… Read more…
James White
Illustrator & Designer, Signalnoise
PageCloud Reimagines The Future of Website Creation
Sponsored by The way we publish to the Web is broken. For years, we’ve relied on pre-built HTML templates inside content management systems as our only way to publish content… Read more…
Front-End Sponsored Work Better
Craig Fitzpatrick
CEO, PageCloud
Premium Audio on the Web
The web stands as a ubiquitous, pervasive platform with unmatched access for digital entertainment. As HTML5 fills the gaps between the flat, 2-dimensional experiences of old to bring flowing animations… Read more…
Audio Web Dev
Titus Blair
Developer Evangelist, Dolby Technologies
Programming Play
The dreaded moment: you feel stagnant, creatively uninspired, maybe even, dare I say it… burnt out? Whether it’s a result of long hours or boredom through familiarity, being blocked can… Read more…
Creative Code Inspire Web Dev
Stacey Mulcahy
Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Garage
Prolific Minded
Ash will be discussing his goals as a creative person.  How he dreams big and puts forth optimism, hard work, and focus to obtain his goals.  He will break down how he started to teach himself how… Read more…
Film Inspire VFX
Ash Thorp
Director, Designer, Illustrator,
Real World Designing and Prototyping
We’ve all had the experience of having designed the perfect comp: stylish photos, perfectly sized names, and the right amount of copy only to have everything fall apart in the… Read more…
Front-End UX/UI Web Dev
Paul Trani
Principal Worldwide Design Evangelist, Adobe
Shit Will Hit the Fan
Everyone can probably tell a story of a last-minute situation that jeopardizes an entire project and months of hard work. Building interactive installations means mixing and matching technologies, bridging physical… Read more…
Creative Code Hardware Planning
Daniel Scheibel
Co-Founder / Technical Director, Red Paper Heart
Adrià Navarro
Lead Creative Coder, Red Paper Heart
Sketch Duet: An Experiment In Co-Creativity
What would two painters improvising look like? Improv Canvas is a real-time collaborative drawing tool that preserves the personal pen or brush stroke for a visual conversation. The project transforms… Read more…
Inspire Storytelling Work Better
Alon Chitayat
UX and Motion Designer, Google
Story-Driven Innovation
R&D (research and development) is not something that the entertainment industry is known for. But as narrative and code collide, new forms and functions of storytelling emerge. A culture of… Read more…
Collaboration Storytelling
Lance Weiler
Writer, Director & Experience Designer,
Talking VR Turkey
If it weren’t so important, and as some VIP once said — “the final platform” — VR could well be the topic most likely to elicit an eyeroll right now.… Read more…
Inspire VR
Denis Lirette
Creative Director, Globacore
J. Lee Williams
Director of Stuff + Things, Occupied VR
Blair Renaud
CEO / VR Designer, IRIS VR Inc.
Elli Raynai
VR Filmmaker, Cinehackers
Ana Serrano
Founder, CFC Media Lab
The Collective Throwdown
Watch as these industry vets grill each other on their process, routine, stories of failure, inspirations and EVERYTHING in between.  All truth. Read more…
The B-Side
Ash Thorp
Director, Designer, Illustrator,
David OReilly
Filmmaker and Artist,
The Door is Always Open
Los Angeles-based Gary Baseman explores the “beauty of the bittersweetness of life” through painting, performance, film and fashion. Current projects include a collaboration with COACH ready-to-wear for the Spring 2015… Read more…
Art Inspire Storytelling
Gary Baseman
The Essential Space Between Working and Not Working
This talk will explore workstyle and lifestyle design, and how we can optimize the space in between to allow us to explore new verticals and dive into the unknown. We… Read more…
The B-Side Work Better
Steve Tam
VP Marketing, Snips
The Power of Play in Experimental Design
The current design landscape is in flux, a confluence of disciplines, practices, and open collaborations. A response to the never-ending push for something unique, this scenario forces us into never-before-tried… Read more…
Design Inspire Storytelling
Claudia Chagüi De León
Creative Director, Fake Love
The Rise Of Experiential Design – What You Need To Succeed
“Why does Experiential Design matter?” Within his talk, Jason answers this question by delving into the current state of affairs within the creative industry, discussing its newest and most exciting… Read more…
Creative Code Inspire UX/UI
Jason White
Executive Creative Director, Leviathan
The Signalnoise Podcast
James White of the Signalnoise Studio is trying something a little different… he’s decided to record an episode of the Signalnoise Podcast in front of a live studio audience; just… Read more…
The B-Side
James White
Illustrator & Designer, Signalnoise
The Ultimate Branding Tool Box
If you were a product what box would you come in? If you were a business what uniform would your staff wear? In a world where millionaires are made on… Read more…
Business Inspire Planning
Johnny Cupcakes
Owner, Johnny Cupcakes
The Unknown: Running A Creative-Driven Business
We work at the intersection of art and commerce.  In art and music — from the outset — the creator doesn’t know where he or she will end up. On the other hand, commercial… Read more…
Business Inspire Work Better
Wilson Brown
Partner & Creative Director, Antfood
Things I Learned Building My First App
Through ups and downs, lessons and rewards, I successfully launched my first app last year. It took far more planning than I had anticipated with lots of steps that I… Read more…
Business Inspire Planning The B-Side
Haris Mahmood
Engineer, Shopify
Things Imperfect
Brendan will prove that any object, anything that is designed or made, can and should be imbued with the capacity to be loved. To him, that means creating objects with almost… Read more…
Hardware Inspire
Brendan Dawes
Designer and Artist, Singleman
Titles or GTFO: 100 Years of Title Design in Film, TV, and Beyond
Title sequence design is an art form at the nexus of filmmaking, graphic design, and marketing. In this talk, Lola Landekic and Will Perkins of Art of the Title will… Read more…
Design Film Storytelling
Lola Landekic
Managing Editor, Art of the Title
William Perkins
Senior Editor, Art of the Title
Toronto Virtual Reality Revolution
2016 is the year that virtual reality hits the consumer market with at least five major VR platforms coming from heavyweights such as Google, Sony, Oculus, Samsung and Valve. Take… Read more…
TouchDesigner as a Playground
Greg Hermanovic and Markus Heckmann will give an inside look at new tools, prototypes, features and concepts in TouchDesigner as they come freshly baked from the oven at Derivative. Read more…
Business Creative Code Film
Greg Hermanovic
President, Derivative
Markus Heckmann
Technical Director, Derivative
Unhooked: Using Human-Centered Product Design to Deconstruct Nasty Habits
The most engaging digital products encourage habits within their users, habits that hook us into coming back over and over again. Liam used the design principles of habit-forming products to analyze,… Read more…
Inspire The B-Side UX/UI
Liam Oscar Thurston
Sr. Director, User Experience, Loblaw Digital
Web Developers, Please Meet… the Physical World!
If you are a web developer, you already have most of the necessary knowledge to get started in physical computing. This talk will show you how easy it is to… Read more…
Beginner Hardware JavaScript Web Dev
Jean-Philippe Côté
Lecturer & Creative Technologist, TangibleJS
When Clients Bare it All
By sharing client interaction and vulnerability, be privy to a tattooers questions, doubts, and candid commentary on the artistic process. Topics include: vulnerability, design process and implementation, client translation, technology in an… Read more…
Business Design The B-Side
David Allen
Painter, Tattooer, Allen Tattoo
Workshop – Physical Computing for Web Developers
Note: This workshop is on SATURDAY April 16, from 10am to 5pm, and requires a separate ticket purchase. In this workshop, web developers will discover how they can leverage their existing… Read more…
Beginner Hardware JavaScript Workshop
Jean-Philippe Côté
Lecturer & Creative Technologist, TangibleJS
Workshop – Rapid Prototyping with Sketch + Invision
Note: This workshop is on SATURDAY April 16, from 10am to 5pm, and requires a separate ticket purchase. This workshop will get you to dive into UX prototyping using a combination of… Read more…
UX/UI Workshop Work Better
Dakoda Reid
Lead UX Designer, Opera
Your Job Title Sounds Made Up
(Gurus, Ninjas and Other Actual Real Fake Titles) If you think that a job title like ‘Social Interaction Strategist’ sounds completely made up, that’s okay – it was. In fact, it… Read more…
Business The B-Side Work Better
Helen Androlia
Director of Digital Strategy, Juniper Park \ TBWA