Web Unleashed 2023

2023-10-14 00:00:00 2023-10-17 00:00:00 America/Toronto Web Unleashed 2023 Join us in-person or online and drive your career to the forefront by learning the latest tools, techniques and technologies in front-end web development. Toronto & Online FITC ET Toronto & Online

A Story Of Ice, Fire, And CSS Nesting šŸ§ŠšŸ”„šŸŖ†
You may have heard that native CSS Nesting is shipping at a browser near you. You may have even heard that the syntax has changed a fair bit over time,… Read moreā€¦
Lea Verou
A Tale Of Two Webs
“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” Dickens’ famous words in “A Tale of Two Cities” lays out a timeless comparison, the paradox of how… Read moreā€¦
Kyle Simpson
Socket Supply
AI And Coding: Hyper Or Reality?
In this talk, let’s take a look at the growing intersection of AI and web development. There’s a lot of buzz around the potential uses of AI in writing, understanding,… Read moreā€¦
AI JavaScript Web Dev
Wes Bos
Angular Momentum: Web Frameworks, SSR, Hydration, And Beyond
If you’ve followed what’s happening with Angular, a lot is going on. The Angular team has been spending a lot of energy exploring what’s possible and where the web framework… Read moreā€¦
Frameworks JavaScript Web Dev
Jessica Janiuk
Build Hyper-hybrid Applications With Tamgui
Tamagui provides an abstraction layer on top of NextJS and React Native, allowing developers to create a single code base entirely in Typescript that runs effectively on iOS, Android and… Read moreā€¦
Frameworks Strategy
Ken Easson
Enhance Full Stack Workshop
This virtual half-day workshop will be held on Tuesday October 17 and requires registration. Details to come shortly. The Enhance Fullstack Workshop is designed for developers. You will learn how… Read moreā€¦
Full Stack Remote Beginner - Intermediate JavaScript Workshop
Simon MacDonald
Exploring Layout Composition With Headless CMS and Next.js
This virtual half-day workshop will be held on Tuesday October 17 and will be available to all attendeees but does require registration. Details to come shortly. In this workshop, participants… Read moreā€¦
DevOps Frameworks Web Dev Workshop
Joel Varty
Agility CMS
MACH: The Future Of Cutting-Edge Webdev
MACH, an acronym for Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless, represents a paradigm shift in building web applications. During the presentation, we will explore the core principles of MACH and its… Read moreā€¦
Joel Varty
Agility CMS
Maximize App Performance by Optimizing Web Fonts
You’ve just landed on a web page and you try to click a certain element, but just before you do, an ad loads on top of it and you end… Read moreā€¦
Remote Performance UX/UI
Lazar Nikolov
Modern CSS in Real Life
By any measure, CSS has improved in recent years. More useful features, better interoperability between browsers, and easier to learn. What really matters though is the real world. Real websites.… Read moreā€¦
Chris Coyier
React TypeScript Patterns
As the landscape of front-end development continues to evolve, the marriage of React and TypeScript remains as a powerful and highly favoured combination. This talk discusses patterns and best practices… Read moreā€¦
TypeScript Front-End React
Hassan Djirdeh
Smarter, Faster, More Beautiful: AI-Powered Image Transformation With imgix
Ready to power your images with AI? Dive into this session to see how you can deliver smarter, faster, and more beautiful images using imgix. Explore how AI can effortlessly… Read moreā€¦
Remote AI Design
Eric Sanchez
Solving Common Web Component Problems With Server Side Rendering
Web Components are excellent for building framework-agnostic reusable elements that must be shared publicly or reused across multiple projects. However, developers run into common issues, including the dreaded flash of… Read moreā€¦
Web Dev Work Better
Simon MacDonald
The Composable Web: Crafting Future-Proof Digital Experiences
Digital experiences are not just evolving; they’re undergoing a revolution. Dive into the world of composable architectures, where headless content management systems, JAMStack build tools, and serverless distribution are redefining… Read moreā€¦
JavaScript Work Better
Bermon Painter
The Ethics Of Generative AI: A Humanist’s Guide
In a brave new world filled with unattributed text, filtered images, remixed sounds, and bot-generated refurbished art, where do we find ourselves? Can we merrily maneuver through ChatGPT to generate… Read moreā€¦
Remote AI Ethics
Jen Looper
The Frontend Family Tree
What can React learn from Angular? In this talk, weā€™ll look at how frameworks are all working to solve developerā€™s problems and how the latest changes in Angular, might just… Read moreā€¦
Frameworks Front-End JavaScript
Emma Twersky
The State Manager At Home
Angular has had a built-in state manager all along. It even has great form support, which means validations come bundled. It’s actually forms, and more importantly, has a feature that… Read moreā€¦
Remote Angular Front-End Work Better
Jian “Jin” Guo
We’ve RESTed Long Enough – Time For An API Adventure!
Many developers are familiar with consuming and designing RESTful APIs, but what about building and consuming GraphQL and gRPC APIs? What about event-driven or asynchronous APIs? What are the benefits… Read moreā€¦
API Remote Foundations Performance
William “Ian” Douglas