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Building Performant Games for the Web
You’ve created a game with fun, addictive gameplay. But if it takes minutes to load and exhibits poor performance, your audience will go elsewhere. This presentation walks through many performance-related… Read more…
Gaming JavaScript Performance
Will Eastcott
CEO & Co-founder, PlayCanvas
From Zero to Hero: The Rise and Rise of HTML5 Games
Since the decline of Flash, HTML5 and JavaScript have risen to restore fun to the internet! Doing things they were never intended to do, these tools are now ubiquitous across… Read more…
Gaming Mobile VR
John Denton
Creative Partner, Goodboy Digital
Performance Minded Asset Workflows
When it comes to game project assets, building content delivery systems and management of all these files are typically the first things considered. What often slips through the cracks, particularly… Read more…
Gaming Hardware Performance
Rocco Briganti
Game Developer, Relish Interactive
Phaser.JS: The Swiss Army Knife of Web Games
With several years of development under its belt and hundreds of contributors, the Phaser.JS framework offers a variety of time-saving, game-specific constructs as well as over 700 individual code samples… Read more…
Frameworks Gaming JavaScript
Jose “JR” Rodriguez
Director of Digital Strategy, FARM
Pixi 101
Join Mathew for an introduction to Pixi.JS: the open source HTML5 rendering engine with an overview of what Pixi.JS is and how it can help you with making HTML5 2D content.  Mathew will go… Read more…
Frameworks Front-End JavaScript
Mathew Groves
Co-founder, Goodboy Digital
Quickly Crafted WebVR: Exploring A-Frame and Glitch as Artist’s Tools
This talk will cover creating a project with the A-frame, as well as get into how it can be used as a creative tool for small sharable VR experiences. This… Read more…
Creative Code Frameworks VR
Izzie Colpitts-Campbell
Co-Director, Dames Making Games
Web Game Developer’s Toolbox
So you’re making a web game. Some would say you should use an engine, like Phaser. Okay, you probably should. But there’s lots of good reasons you might not want… Read more…
Gaming JavaScript Libraries
David Fono
Technical Director, Stitch Media