A quiet evolution has been brewing for the past couple of years. Developers everywhere could see Flash’s glory days as the de facto web game platform coming to an end. In it’s place HTML5, JavaScript and WebGL have risen to carry us into the future.

Whether you’re using frameworks like Pixi or IDE’s like Unity, bringing your games to the modern web has never been easier.

In this one day event on Web Games, we’re going to give you 7 presentations that dive into the latest tips, tricks, and techniques from some of the top creators in the field today.


Who should attend?

This event is for those looking to learn or extend their web game creation skills and knowledge.

Special Addition of 1/2 day workshop!

We’ve recently added a workshop with Pixi.js creators Mat Groves & John Denton on the SUNDAY.
Get the WORKS ticket which gets you access to both Spotlight Web Games AND the Pixi.js workshop.