FITC Unconference at Adobe MAX 2011

2011-10-03 00:00:00 2011-10-06 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Unconference at Adobe MAX 2011 Please join FITC on October 1-5 in Los Angeles for Adobe MAX 2011 which will bring together thousands of forward-thinking designers, developers, and business decision makers that are shaping the future of our industry. As part of the agenda at this year’s MAX, Adobe has… Los Angeles FITC Los Angeles

A Component Set Called Stealth
Now two years in the making, the Stealth SDK is coming to you as a commercial component set. Elevating the creative UI, Stealth is engineered to be easy to use,… Read more…
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Tyler Wright
Becoming a Billionaire Building TV Apps
Some might say that we’re currently in the dot com boom for mobile. And if you are not in it already, you might feel a little left behind. Not to… Read more…
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Rob Rusher
Before PlayBook arrived to the market Mariano decided to start playing with PlayBook SDK. He found some troubles along the way but nothing stopped him, and he launched BlueBox. Three… Read more…
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Mariano Carrizo
Coding Karma
In our fast-paced media landscape, change is inevitable. We invest time to master our chosen technology, so our natural tendency is to hold on to what we know. Sometimes our… Read more…
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Lisa Larson-Kelley
Darwin Development
Evolution. It’s a wonderful thing, and something that needs to occur for natural progression and the continuing advancement of ideas. As we see the modern trends, development paradigms and design… Read more…
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Matt Gifford
Disconnecting: Lessons from a CTO Living in a Forest
Our use of connected technology is so pervasive, that we barely even notice it — it seems silly to even mention it these days. As chairman and former CEO of… Read more…
R Blank
Don’t Reinvent the Wheel
Leveraging community and open source code in your Flex and AIR projects There’s hardly ever a problem you will be trying to solve in your Flex and AIR application development… Read more…
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Brian Rinaldi
Exploring a Designer and Developer Workflow
Designers and Developers have long sought the holy grail: a seamless workflow between both disciplines that allow each to stretch their creative legs and at the same time, not step… Read more…
Flash 11: Get Ready for GameTime
Like a phoenix rising from a pile of brand website corpses, Flash 11 could potentially hail a renaissance for Adobe in the way people think about and use the Flash… Read more…
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Rob Bateman
Hop Onto the Open-Source Platform: A 3D Game in 30 Minutes
As Flash Player 11 opens the gate to the world of GPU acceleration, 3D gaming on the Flash Platform is about to explode. And so is the market for Flash… Read more…
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Richard Olsson
InterRE-ACT with the Flash Platform
In the very beginning there was …INTERACTION! Since the beginning of time people have used tools to interACT with everything around them. For the past 10 years the tool of… Read more…
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Introduction to Building Mobile Applications with Flex
With the latest release of Flex, we have been given a great toolset for building mobile applications with Flex. We will go over the new components with the Flex 4.5.1… Read more…
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Jacob Bullock
Introduction to Unity for Flashes
Ralph and Lucas will be giving a feature tour through the popular 3D game creation tool called Unity, and showing how it relates to Flash while giving perspective of what… Read more…
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Ralph Hauwert
Unity Technologies
J3D: Adventures with WebGL
Web Dev
Live Instrumentation in Flash
This session will cover the basics of working with sound in Flash, and then get into how you can build on top of that to create rudimentary musical instruments on… Read more…
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Ben Farrell
Mind Body & Biofeedback for Games
Ten years ago hospitals paid thousands of dollars for machines that could read your brainwave data. Nowadays it costs $100 for the headset & comes with an API. Biofeedback will… Read more…
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Ryan Canulla
Post Flash Survival Guide
While it’s obvious Flash isn’t dead yet, technology is ever changing. Come hear this jaded programmer’s interpretation of the latest trends in software. You’ll get a historical perspective that can… Read more…
Phillip Kerman
Prototyping Mobile Applications with Flash Professional
As more clients want mobile applications, designers are faced with the challenge of designing and prototyping for a range of platforms and devices. By leveraging the capabilities in Flash Professional,… Read more…
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Chris Griffith
The Art of the Automation
In this talk Jesse Freeman will cover how to automate your entire workflow from writing scripts for PhotoShop all the way down to building one click Ant solutions for deploying… Read more…
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Jesse Freeman
The Death of Flash
In a digital landscape, which moves at a blinding speed, itʼs easy to get confused, distracted and misinformed. For much of last year, people were debating about the future of… Read more…
Itai Asseo
The Wonderful World of Maven (Through the Eye of Flexmojos)
Maven can be intimidating – especially for those outside the Java world. With Flexmojos, we tame the beast. We look at how to manage your entire build – through Flashbuilder… Read more…
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Justin J. Moses
Using the Swiz Mobile Framework
Get your “Swiz On” on Android, iOS and the RIM Playbook! In this session, you’ll learn how to create mobile apps using Flash Builder 4.5 with the popular micro-framework Swiz… Read more…
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Alex Wilson
UX Concerns Across Mobile Platforms
All three major mobile OS platforms have certain user experience expectations in place. This session will examine existing UX paradigms for Android, iOS, and QNX, the importance of adhering to… Read more…
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Joseph Labrecque
Working with AMF using PlugrMan
Working with AMF libraries can sometimes be tricky and time consuming. In this session I will cover how to easily work with AMF gateways using PlugrMan to help test and… Read more…
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Omar Gonzalez
You Don’t Know Flex about Objective-C
Cover the basics! Translating your development skills from flex to iOS development, starting at the very beginning and taking a simple flex application and converting it into a native IOS… Read more…
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Jeremy Williams