Emerging Technology & Advertising 2011

2011-10-14 00:00:00 2011-10-15 00:00:00 America/Toronto Emerging Technology & Advertising 2011 At a Glance Marketing is at a crossroads. Significant changes in consumer behaviour and needs, paired with a dynamically changing marketing toolkit, has resulted in a challenging new landscape for marketers. To solve the problems we now face requires a new way of thinking and… Toronto FITC Toronto


Ariel Garten and Trevor Coleman Explore Thought Controlled Computing
Ariel Garten is a Canadian artist, scientist and intellectual whose work that explores the intersection of art and neuroscience.  Garten is also a psychotherapist trained in Neuro-linguistic programming and the… Read more…
David-Michel Davies Talks Webby
As the executive director of The Webby Awards and International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, David-Michel Davies has seen some of the best content produced for the web.  The… Read more…
David-Michel Davies
Derrick de Kerckhove Discusses Condition, Resistance and Strategies of Social Media
In his work, Derrick de Kerckhove brings together the cognitive with the practical. He is an acclaimed author and professor, and the past director of the McLuhan Program in Culture… Read more…
Derrick de Kerckhove
Evan Roth Writes, “Dear Advertisers, Get Your Own Ideas!”
An award-winning Paris-based artist and researcher, Evan Roth’s work explores the intersection of free and popular culture. From his Graffiti Research Lab to his LED Throwies project, Evan’s work continually… Read more…
Evan Roth
Faris Yakob Discusses Stuff that Still Doesn’t Work: The Continuing Impact of Technology in and on Advertising
Faris is a strategist, geek, writer and recipient of the IPA’s coveted President’s Prize for his thesis on the future of brands. He’s also the CIO at MDC Partners, an… Read more…
Faris Yakob
Josh Harris Explores How the Future of Toothpaste Will Generate the Singularities Effect
Josh Harris has a knack for predicting the ways emerging technologies can shape the future. Long before social networking sites became mainstream, Josh conceptualized the all-encompassing public interactions we now… Read more…
Joshua Harris
Marco Tempest Asks the Question, to Share or not to Share?
Marco Tempest is a self-proclaimed cyber-illusionist who combines magic and digital technology to create illusions. Magicians are often early adopters of new technologies and Marco is no exception. He is… Read more…
Marco Tempest