At a Glance

Marketing is at a crossroads. Significant changes in consumer behaviour and needs, paired with a dynamically changing marketing toolkit, has resulted in a challenging new landscape for marketers. To solve the problems we now face requires a new way of thinking and planning. Emerging Technology and Advertising event (ETA) is about breaking ingrained assumptions and removing the blinders to new and innovative ways to think about marketing.

ETA event brings together seven brilliant speakers who all have an interest and an educated opinion on emerging technology and how it will impact advertising and marketing. Join them for one day in Toronto as they lead a conversation that will outline the future shape of the advertising and marketing industries.

Event Format

Unlike any other FITC event, the format of ETA puts attendees across the table and in discussion with each of the presenters. Thirty-minute presentations are followed by twenty-minute discussions at round tables; with each presenter changing tables every hour. This format provides unparalleled access to real conversations with all of the presenters, something virtually impossible at big events.

The Conversation

Like any good conversation, the topics discussed at ETA will be fluid in nature and given the event’s format, impacted by the attendees. However, our speakers have provided brief descriptions on the topics they will be speaking about below. This includes the two-way interaction between brands and consumers in the future, online trends, the ways we communicate in a networked world, the singularities effect, the implications of being monitored in formally private places, and so much more.

By Invitation Only

ETA is a by invitation only, exclusive event that will bring together an intimate group of only a hundred select attendees who have been curated based on their qualifications.

Who Will Be Attending?

This exclusive and intimate event has been designed for creative directors, strategists, c-suite executives and the best of the best in advertising and technology.