With talks across the front-end developer spectrum, there's really something for everyone, including our community of UX/UI designers and developers, and anyone looking to expand their knowledge of accessibility design and strategy:

Bermon Painter, Innovation & Strategy Lead, EY wavespace™ brings his expertise in Crafting a UX Strategy where you’ll learn how to 

  1. Outline a typical UX strategy
  2. Discuss how to best position yourself to lead or contribute to the strategy
  3. Understand the roadblocks that can limit your success
  4. Review guidelines to implement a successful strategy
  5. Discover how to continue to deliver on your defined strategy

Projects are Easy, People are Hard by Bermon Painter at FITC Toronto 2018. Photo: Winston Chow

Spend the day with Bermon learning about design thinking during his September 12th full-day workshop Design Thinking – Ideas to Implementation where he'll cover the fundamentals of the design thinking methodology; ways to foster greater collaboration among business, development, and design teams; practical exercises that you can apply to your projects to get to the root of their challenges, to help craft the right solutions to the right problems, to integrate design thinking activities into the full development lifecycle; as well as tips and tricks when communicating with non-technical stakeholders.

Coming from Google, Shona Dutta will speak to examples from the application of Google’s Material Design system, describing how the system is built to stand on its own.

She’ll go over the tools used to scale design systems, and the power (and pitfalls) of deploying those systems at scale.  Don’t miss her talk Developing & Scaling Design Systems!

Wondering how to update your fonts and typography for better UX? 

Expert Jason Pamental joins us not only to host the event, but with a talk and workshop on Dynamic Typographic Systems, Modern CSS, and Variable Fonts. You’ll leave knowing 

  1. What are variable fonts and how to use them
  2. New developments in web font loading and performance
  3. How to add support for new capabilities like light/dark mode
  4. How to use CSS Custom Properties and Calc() to create better scaling typography
  5. Ways to improve accessibility and UX through better typography and user controls

Jason Pamental - Once Upon a Drop Cap: A Look At Typography as UX - FITC Web Unleashed 2016 in Toronto, Canada. Photo by Winston Chow / www.winstonchow.ca

Looking to really dive in on variable fonts?  Snag a seat in Jason’s full-day hands-on workshop Fluid, Responsive, and Dynamic Typography with Variable Fonts happening September 12th, and come out with all the tools you need to increase web font performance, improve user experience through better implementation, explore variable fonts, and get to know a whole bunch of new CSS techniques (including CSS Custom Properties, calc(), light/dark modes, and more).

To build inclusive websites, developers have to consider accessibility, performance and user flows.

Step into Stefan Judis’ talk HTTP Headers for the Responsible Developer for a look at HTTP, and its headers that can have a direct impact on user experience.  Stefan joins us from Berlin; he started programming 8 years ago and quickly fell in love with web performance, new technologies, and accessibility, and is now a developer evangelist with Twilio.

Speaking of accessibility, our favourite #a11y – George Zamfir – returns with a panel, and his talk How to Spec, Design & Build Accessible Experiences

Expect to walk away knowing how to build accessible experiences, the right way: 

  1. Accessibility is an experience (not a launch checklist)
  2. How to spec accessibility experiences
  3. Who does what, roles & responsibilities
  4. How Slack builds accessible products
  5. Mistakes & lessons learned along the way

Looking to take your accessibility skills on the road?

Go mobile with Ayşegül Yönet, senior cloud developer advocate with Microsoft, and learn How to Build Inclusive Web Applications Using WebXR and AI.  She'll show you how you can give your users multiple ways to interact with your applications, increasing their comfort and your apps’ retention rate by using the WebXR Device API – a new set of web APIs you can use to create engaging experiences in mobile web. In this talk she will explore the available APIs that are ready to use, what is coming in the future and how to get started with WebXR APIs, including speech and vision APIs to extend your applications.

Mina Markham at FITC Toronto 2017

Don’t miss Mina Markham and her talk Full-Featured Art Direction for the Web

She’s known for developing the design system Pantsuit for Hillary Clinton – and returns for her second FITC event to show us how a shift in perspective can lead to more inclusive and innovative designs.  By taking advantage of technologies, some new and some overlooked, she’ll demonstrate how we can create a progressively-enhanced design that’s powered by feature queries; one that’s localized for an increasingly global audience. Discover how to

  1. Build accessible and inclusive web interfaces
  2. Approach a design from a global, non-western view
  3. Design systems can be leveraged creatively
  4. Create a default user experience
  5. Start a pair designing workflow

FITC Web Unleashed 2018 VIP Reception

And there’s so much more - staff UX engineer for Google, Carl Sziebert returns with his talk Everyday Innovation where you can learn a bottom-up approach to framing innovation within your daily work; how to identify and validate opportunities that make an impact; when to prioritize, prototype, and build an understanding of the problems you are solving; to collaborate locally and globally, and that you should seek, give, and apply feedback often.  

Pansy Lee would like you to join her in the <aside> room for a discussion about how diversity helps to build more innovative products, and it can also cause a lot of friction.

Learn to turn that friction into healthy productive debates with a handful of frameworks and tools during her talk Friction is Good for Innovation

Equip your team with a common language and understanding on how to leverage each other’s diverse views.

And don’t forget to sign up for the Toronto UX/D Networking Lunch Hosted by UX/D Toronto on Friday, September 13th where you can continue the conversation with fellow UXers and speakers Catt Small, Carl Sziebert, Mina Markham, and your host Helen Kontozopoulos.

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