Ulises was born in Torreon, a small city in northern Mexico in 1975. Ever since his childhood, he was interested in movies and media. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree as a Communication Specialist from Coahuila University.

After that, Ulises studied Film Language in Mexico City, where he started his career as a Multimedia Producer. In 1999, he moved to Saltillo with his partner Miguel Calderon, where they co-founded their interactive design firm, Grupo W.

Since then Grupo W has been recognized and awarded in various national and international festivals such as Cannes, Webby, Clio, One Show Interactive, New York Festivals, Art Directors, El Sol, Wave Festival, Ojo de Iberoamérica, Effie and Flash in the Can, among others.

Grupo W has grown to be the most important interactive agency in Mexico over the last five years. Last year was ranked 4th by 2008 Gunn Report of interactive agencies. Having served as juror in almost every major festival of interactive industry, Ulises enjoys travelling and meeting new people, Martin Scorsese’s films and watching his daughter Vic growing up every day.