As global ambassador to FITC, Simon has been integral in progressing FITC to become the globally recognized industry event it is today.

Simon loves creativity and innovation. Equal parts strategist, exec. producer and creative director, his talents are in conceptualizing digital, integrated and experiential marketing campaigns. He enjoys collaboration, assembling talented teams and helping ​produce solutions for brands such as Google, Samsung, Toyota, Sony, Intel, Nissan, Honda, Mazda, Nokia, Adidas and many more.

​His experience includes 20+ years of creative initiatives spanning music, film, installations, apps, games, Ai, VR, AR, XM events, websites, PR, broadcast, print, radio, campaigns and custom MISC solutions.

​​Despite all the years of digital development, he still has so much love for art and code combined. Anything creative with the 1’s and 0’s makes him happy. He feels proud to be born in the true era of transition from analogue to digital.

At age 8, he started making games in BASIC on a Sinclair ZX80 CPU,progressing to Dragon 32, Spectrum 48k and Commodore 64​ respectively, ​until a decade later he discovered FutureSplash 2, Cubase v.1, TCP/IP and XTree Gold. Yes! Retro rocks baby! m/