Pak is an omniscient designer/developer/wizard, one of the leads in the earlier era global motion design community as the founder of Undream and one of the pilgrims of the experimental web as the founder of a new hack-lab called Machinu.

Pak has presented in major design events such as FITC, Mad in Spain, Plug and Play, Resonate, Internet and Mobile World with works that cover a wide range of skills for clients such as Samsung, Gucci, Vodafone, Warner Bros, HBO, Avolution, Playboy, Blur Studios, Philips, Prologue Films, PostPanic and has been showcased and featured in leading design communities such as Vimeo, IDN, OFFF, Motionographer, GraphicDesign, Fubiz, Designcollector, Shots, Stash, Computerarts, Ars Electronica; besides numerous magazines, festivals, publications, installations and interviews.

Pak is currently at uncharted space experimenting with new forms of creation and communication, discovering, learning and teaching along the journey.