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15 Years of Cool Shit
Celebrating Onesize’s 15 years anniversary, it’s time to look back. Where have they come from and what technical and creative improvements have made some great spots possible. Is there a disadvantage… Read more…
Animation Design Motion
Kasper Verweij
Co-founder, Onesize
37 Things I’ve Learnt
Mr. Bingo will be sharing 37 things he’s learnt over the last 20 years with you. He’ll be looking at many topics, including creative block, laughter, change, honesty, clients, money, being an… Read more…
Collaboration Inspire Work Better
Mr Bingo
Illustrator, Animator and Graphic Designer, Mr Bingo
A Small Wonder: How Nimble Teams Can Deliver Better Creativity for the World’s Biggest Brands
With a staff of 15, the Vancouver- and Melbourne-based Sequence Group may be considered a small animation studio. Nevertheless, the team delivers high-end work the likes of Disney, Marvel and… Read more…
Animation Gaming
Ian Kirby
Founder and Creative Director, The Sequence Group
Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, HTC Vive, Microsoft HoloLens, Razer, Samsung Gear VR, PS VR, Leap Motion, Magic Leap. The list seems intimidating; should you be paying attention to one, or… Read more…
AR Inspire The HUB VR
Beating the Bar Queues (*Drink Responsibly)
AMV BBDO’s creative technology director Biffer Rowley takes you on a behind the scenes tour of creating The Martini Smart Cube – an ice cube that orders additional drinks and… Read more…
3D Printing Innovation Maker
James Rowley
Creative Technologist, AMV BBDO
Behavioural Psychology & UX Design
Everything we see and interact with is processed differently in our brain. Some interactions leave us happy and some make us frustrated. Ekaterina has spent the last 3 years researching… Read more…
Design UX/UI Work Better
Ekaterina Solomeina
Co-founder, Future London Academy
Beyond Reality: Shaping The Future Of Immersive Projects
With the full release of consumer virtual reality [VR] devices and the mass acceptance of augmented reality [AR] our landscape is shifting to allow for an even greater potential of… Read more…
AR Panel VR
Kim Alpert
Denis Lirette
Creative Director, Globacore
Basheer Tome
Senior Hardware Interface Designer, Google
Stefan Grambart
Game Designer, Writer, Director,
Blag, Borrow and Steal Your Career in the Creative Industries
Through amusing anecdotes like having to create illustrations and tutorials for pioneering design magazine Computer Arts on a PC that still had Encarta and MSN Messenger; and how he talked… Read more…
Design Inspire Storytelling
Gordon Reid
Art Director, Middle Boop
Blurred Line Design
Building technology is about the dynamics of people working together as much as it is about shipping products. Twitter product designer Eleanor Harding explores lessons learned from applying hackathon thinking… Read more…
Collaboration Design Work Better
Eleanor Harding
Product Designer, Twitter
Building a Collaboration Service for the Hololens
In this talk, Cyrille will go through experiments he made lately with the Hololens in the field of mixed reality (AR/VR) for the construction & manufacturing industries. You will learn… Read more…
Experiential Libraries VR
Cyrille Fauvel
Sr Program Manager, Autodesk, Inc.
Designing for the Experience Age
In the age of Experience, design is no longer critical just from a functional perspective. Design needs to have an emotional impact on the user that supports the overall design… Read more…
Robert Lindström
Founder, North Kingdom
Jakob Nylund
Partner & Design Director, North Kingdom
Designing For The Future
In the next 10 years a number of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, self driving cars, blockchain, the Internet of Things and mixed reality headsets are going to become mainstream,… Read more…
Business Innovation UX/UI
David Vogel
Executive User Experience Director, AKQA Amsterdam
Dirty Little Tricks From The Dark Corners Of Front-End
Do you love the <object> tag, too? How do you feel about responsive image maps? Have you ever tried to work around complex tables, nasty carousels, endless country selectors and… Read more…
CSS Front-End UX/UI
Vitaly Friedman
Editor-in-Chief, Smashing Magazine
Do More Of What Makes You Happy
Musketon quit school to become the self-employed creative he always wanted to be. Today, a few years later he is that creative, but if he knew then what he knows now he would… Read more…
Art Inspire Storytelling
Artist, Musketon
Don’t Get Comfortable
Dan will be talking animatedly at high speed about his live performance, experiments, failures, mistakes, explosions, crashes, detours and the many unexpected destinations that have been part of his relentless… Read more…
Failure Inspire Work Better
Dan Hett
Freelance Creative Technologist,
Faking the Future
Over the last 100 years we’ve moved from radio, to tv, to phones, and now to spatial computing. Technology moves so fast that in order to design for it, you… Read more…
Hardware Process VR
Basheer Tome
Senior Hardware Interface Designer, Google
Fuck It, Let’s Do This!
So far Maral has had a rather unusual career path. Starting in advertising, diving through human rights and bordering into techno club nights–she has either been part of little and… Read more…
Design Inspire Maker
Maral Pourkazemi
Designer + Founder, monoment
Future Design for No UI
As we walk around our day with our eyes deeply immersed in our smartphones we can come to think the future will be mostly things we see right there. But… Read more…
Inspire Social Innovation UX/UI
Jared Ficklin
Chief Creative Technologist, argodesign
Hello, City
Join speculative architect Liam Young and an all-seeing smart city operating system as they take a tour in a driverless taxi through a network of software systems, autonomous infrastructures, ghost… Read more…
Film Inspire Storytelling
Liam Young
Urbanist, Designer and Futurist, Tomorrows Thoughts Today
Isolation and Ingenuity
Raoul will be discussing the key insights he’s picked up along the way in his work creating main titles for television. He’ll share his thoughts on the power of duality… Read more…
Animation Design Motion
Raoul Marks
Motion Designer,
Long Term VR
So much of VR is specifically designed to have a short shelf life. And so often for VR creators, the ambition of a project is bigger than the challenge of… Read more…
Process Storytelling VR
Anrick Bregman
Director, Unit9
Making Sausages: A Day in the Life of a Creative Technologist
Even the greatest of sausages, regardless of how well they are presented, are full of good parts and ugly parts. At the end of the day, all anyone remembers is… Read more…
Experiential Inspire Storytelling
Stephen Martell
VP, Creative Technology, Current Studios
More Than a Feeling: Visualizing the Intangible
A detailed walkthrough of Brand New School Director Chris Dooley’s process including the development and production of the Gillette ProShield “Two Worlds” campaign.  This will include everything from production notes from… Read more…
Creative Code Film Process
Chris Dooley
Creative Director/Director, Brand New School
Nowhere to Hide: The See-Through Visual Effects of Chemical Brothers ‘Wide Open’
3D Artist Sid Harrington-Odedra will be walking through the making of Chemical Brothers ‘Wide Open’. Objective To give viewers a look behind the scenes of one of 2016’s most viewed… Read more…
Animation Storytelling VFX
Sid Harrington-Odedra
3D Artist, The Mill
Programmed Obsolescence
While many of us still cherish our first toy, we are getting used to discarding broken gadgets, often deterred by high repair costs or new models entering the market every… Read more…
Design Hardware Storytelling
Ubi de Feo
Very Curious Human Being / Future Tailor,
Projection Mapping with the Raspberry Pi
In the age of darkness light plays an important role in terms of keeping the human race motivated for the good. Projection mapping has been around for some time now.… Read more…
Creative Code Experiential Frameworks
Krisjanis Rijnieks
Creative Technologist,
“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”
“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.”
“I don’t much… Read more…
Design Experiential Inspire
The Nothing,
Real Work/Life Balance in the Studio
After breaking away from agency life and having gone independent, Anton & Irene are treating their Brooklyn-based studio as their long-term passion-project. Now in its third year, they finally managed… Read more…
Inspire Storytelling UX/UI
Irene Pereyra
Co-Founder, Anton & Irene
Anton Repponen
Co-Founder, Anton & Irene
Responsible for the fastest ever TED Talk to reach over two million views in the history of TED, UK – comedian, musician, writer and self-professed ‘scamp’ James Veitch will deliver… Read more…
James Veitch
Sculpting Darkness
We LUST over being LOST in the nebula of emerging technology, all while being tethered to the LONE planet of ourselves… A dynamic like no other. While contributing to the… Read more…
Creative Code Experiential Innovation
Jessica Cobb
Creative Technologist, Founder, Mission Control Lab
Strength in Numbers
Creative coding is about wonder, about exploration, about understanding. But often its path seems to take us through the territory of that most fearsome of beasts: mathematics… This talk is… Read more…
Creative Code Inspire Processing
Frederik Vanhoutte
Creative Coder, W:Blut
The Prestige
Refers to a good reputation or high esteem. It also referred to the final portion of a magic trick.
That being said: nowadays projects and ideas often want that… Read more…
Creative Code Design Inspire
Frank Reitberger
Creative Coder,
The Thirsty Trees (3XT)
Drop in to the HUB and check out a miniature interactive projection mapping demo built using openFrameworks and ofxPiMapper. Running on the Raspberry Pi mini computer! Details The trees are… Read more…
Krisjanis Rijnieks
Creative Technologist,
The Vinyl Server
Once upon a time not so long ago, all of our media were physical – a picture was printed on paper, a song was pressed into vinyl or encoded in… Read more…
Art Hardware Metaphysics
Mark Rigley
Development Lead, Shopify
Munko has hit the mid-life crisis – lots of cynicism and eternal questions of ‘what’s the point of all this abuse – i.e. this nasty jetlag – these sleepless nights… Read more…
Failure Inspire Work Better
Design Director,
Tinkerer’s Toolkit
Being technology agnostic means you are free to explore every deep, dark corner of technology to discover something new, something interesting, and ideally something applicable. From visual recognition API’s to machine… Read more…
Stacey Mulcahy
Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Garage
Truth or Dare
Navigating a creative life isn’t easy. Kim’s done a plethora of embarrassing things, taken a variety of risks and some how gotten to where she is with only a few… Read more…
Inspire Storytelling Work Better
Kim Alpert
UX Design at the Speed of Thought
Adobe Experience Design (XD) is Adobe’s latest innovation which offers an easy and powerful way to build UX at the speed of thought. But Adobe XD isn’t just for building… Read more…
Design UX/UI Work Better
Bart Van de Wiele
Senior Solution Consultant, Adobe
What Software Engineers and Designers Can Learn From Each Other
This talked will be based on findings and observations from a 2 year collaboration between the companies Remember to Play (Digital Innovation Consultancy + Design Studio) and Container Solutions (software… Read more…
Innovation Inspire Process
Marta Marszal
CEO, Remember to Play
Jamie Dobson
CEO, Container Solutions
What We Can Learn From Dungeons & Dragons
You stand at the edge of a great underground chasm, the final obstacle of this treacherous dungeon. Across the divide you can see your goal; the entrance to a vast… Read more…
Process Storytelling VR
Stefan Grambart
Game Designer, Writer, Director,
Where The Paper Stops
The tale of a frenchman becoming a man and mostly about how he became an illustrator, not any illustrator, mcbess the illustrator. The trials and tribulations of a young soul… Read more…
Animation Collaboration Inspire
Mc Bess
Workshop – Concept, Create, and Sell!
THIS WORKSHOP IS NOW SOLD OUT. Note: This is a full day workshop and will be held on Sunday Feb 19 from 10am to 5pm, and is available to those with a… Read more…
Inspire Workshop Work Better
Irene Pereyra
Co-Founder, Anton & Irene
Anton Repponen
Co-Founder, Anton & Irene
Workshop: Smart Responsive Design Patterns: Front-End & Performance
Note: This is a full day workshop and will be held on Sunday Feb 19 from 10am to 5pm, and is available to those with a WORKS or WORKSHOP ticket. With HTTP/2,… Read more…
Front-End JavaScript Workshop
Vitaly Friedman
Editor-in-Chief, Smashing Magazine