Murat Pak is the creative mind behind - an international multi-award winning studio crafting inspiration for all media experiences.  He is also the artist for the FITC Amsterdam X creative, and will be speaking to "The Other*" with us in February.

What was your inspiration for the creative for FITC Amsterdam X?

If I would summarize it with a single word, it would be "potential". Event creative revolves around this idea of a "Product X" - which is shaped depending on the viewer/audience. Just like the output of any creative, I believe FITC, as a creative event, outputs something.

We could call this "inspiration" but I believe it's more than that, so "potential" was a perfect fit. Audiences take what they can from the event and this creates a potential of creation, a potential which will create something purely based on the receiver. A potential to create an undefined (yet) product, a "Product X".

Your work plays a lot with negative and positive space, does this have special meaning to you?


It's about control. I've realized that I can tell more by using less, in a controlled way. I believe that without limits there is no need to design, as design is something based on solving problems. In other words, limits create a frame, which creates a framework, which creates a logic, which creates intelligence, which creates design that pushes those limits in the end. so I generally limit myself on purpose when I do design. Recently this is mainly on colors and shapes so it's very obvious to see it visually as negative and positive space of the work.

Your online presence is very ethereal, with minimal concrete information about you or your work. What affect does this have on your brand, and in getting new work?

I've always cared about brand and identity.

Identity, to me, is similar to shouting "I am here!". I try to do the exact opposite, which creates a social vacuum.

This way of defining myself greatly helped me, professionally as well. It's just a choice that helps me define a public image. Human brain remembers faces in relation to identity. Having no face and physicality helps me define myself with concepts rather than a face and a body. This is the main reason I have no personal* data online and this is also why my physicality changes from presentation to presentation (actors and actresses ftw!). In the end no one really knows which me is the actual me, which makes me smile and continue my journey.


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