FITC Amsterdam 2015

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Ubi is an idea factory, but when it comes to those that are scribbled down on scraps of paper that would ordinarily seem destined never to be brought to life, his motto might as well be ‘never say die’.

For his talk at last year’s FITC, when he went deep into the project archives to pull out an idea he’d had in 1987 – and finally built that C64 relay controller programmed on cassette tape. When it comes to your old ideas, it pays to stubbornly refuse to let them go.

That’s not to say that ALL of Ubi’s old project ideas have eventually been realized. In fact, most of the ideas he’s had in the past 30 years are still left unbuilt, in idea limbo – not gone though, and definitely not forgotten.

Sadly paying the bills doesn’t leave room for following through on personal project ideas or continuous experimentation – especially with the myriad of ideas clogging up the aforementioned limbo – so what happens to old ideas? Are they deemed to fail? Are you just wasting your time?

Ubi is dead set to prove that kicking old ideas around – even after 30 years – hasn’t been a waste of his, and it certainly won’t be a waste of yours.


One technologist’s creative process proves the value of old ideas, and disproves the belief that you’re ‘too geek’ to be creative.

Target Audience

Creatives in general, Project Managers, Technologists, Coders, CEOs.

Five things audience members will learn

  1. How to spend real time on your own ideas.
  2. How to find like-minded people to support your creative process.
  3. That often what people see as a waste of time, isn’t.
  4. Sometimes dropping a personal project enriches your life and knowledge.
  5. How to offer your help projects/products you believe in to gain trust.