FITC Toronto 2014

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Augmented Reality (AR) is quickly advancing into a new phase of contextually rich personalized experiences and steering away from gimmickry. Working with AR as a PhD researcher and designer for the past decade, Helen Papagiannis has observed two different waves: the first wave of AR focused on AR as “overlay”, wile the second wave moving towards AR as an “entryway”.

The second wave of AR will surpass novelty and extend our human capacities to better understand, engage with, and experience our world in new and meaningful ways. Our devices will be highly cognizant of our constantly changing environments, delivering personalized solutions with highly relevant content and experiences. It is adaptive, working quietly in the background, and presenting itself when necessary with the user forever at the center. It works for you, and you alone. It knows you very well, your behaviours, your likes, dislikes and vital statistics. The second wave of AR combines elements like Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), machine learning, sensors, wearables and big data all to tell the unique story of you.