Spotlight UX/UI 2019
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Designing user interfaces for products that are available on multiple computing platforms has been an ongoing challenge for decades. The introduction of mobile and tablet computing platforms in the last decade has forced us to fundamentally rethink parts of UI design, and has raised questions about the kinds of experiences a product can or should offer on new and increasingly different platforms.

The ecosystem of devices that end-users access their products on continues to shift. We have smaller tablets, large and extra large phones, tablet/laptops that support both physical and hardware keyboards, TVs and video game consoles, and we have just started to scratch the surface of wearables, and extended reality platforms. The trend is only going to continue, and it’s time to start thinking literally “outside of the box” about designing robust user-interfaces, for all emerging platforms.


To highlight the increasingly complex nature of cross-platform user-interface development in the future.

Target Audience

Product managers, UI designers and front-end developers of products that support multiple computing platforms.

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. How to think about new UI design challenges that come with the explosion of personal computing devices
  2. Trends in the industry that are driving new complexity in cross-platform product support
  3. Designing for keyboards, touchscreens, and both?
  4. Designing interfaces that work in extended reality
  5. User interfaces for IoT and wearables