Spotlight UX/UI 2019
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What’s your design title at work? UI/UI designer, product designer, interaction or visual designer? Undoubtedly, it only begins to scratch the surface of the numerous skills or tasks you do daily. Our roles as designers are ever-changing and just like a good design system… what you bring to the table needs to adapt and scale too. This talk dissects how our roles in design can evolve; shares transparent stories on burnout; and proposes healthy methods for fostering dynamic career growth as a designer.


Provide context and a lens for attendees to assess their design career; with hopes of aiding their future growth/satisfaction as a designer

Target Audience

For individual contributors, managers, or anyone on a design/product team

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. Google’s approach to structuring design teams across disciple & how they compliment each other
  2. Strategies in self-awareness as a professional
  3. How to identify and prevent burnout
  4. How to “have a seat as the table”
  5. How to define your value as a designer