FITC Amsterdam 2012

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The global recession has hit the creative industry hard. And it seems that the first thing to suffer is creativity itself.
In a world that has rapidly become even more competitive, how do you stand out, win pitches and make the work you actually want to make?

Remember the market is filled with fear. Clients fear of losing customers. Agencies fear of losing clients. Creatives fear of losing pitches.
So what’s the smart thing to do here?

Be You! Create your own identity. Don’t compete with the world. Show the world.
Do the stuff you were meant to be doing.
The work that made you fall in love with your profession in the first place.

The work that you commission to yourself. The work that defines you.

This session shows the fine art of balancing between ‘work’ and ‘play’.
No more hiding behind budget and time constraints;

Commission yourself.