FITC Amsterdam 2012

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Just when you think you’ve seen it all and writing code or placing pixels at the right places on a screen is everything you ever wanted in life something new comes along which suddenly makes you want to do things you didn’t even know you were capable of.

This is what happened to me last year when a laser cutter entered my life. Naturally equipped with two left hands I never made it across the LEGO barrier when it came to building actual physical objects. Trying to work with wood, cardboard, metal, electronics or other materials was mostly a frustrating experience since things never came out as I imagined them. Fortunately for me I could turn to computers where I could undo my actions until they fitted and controlled millions of particles, pixels or vectors by just a few key presses. The downside is that all the creations just live on a screen or on a printed piece of paper.

Enter the laser. Suddenly I can make things that actually work, look great and do not fall apart. I am in love. In my talk I want to share a bit of that new passion of mine, show you how to work with a laser cutter, present projects I’ve built and demonstrate how being able to code makes it an even more rewarding experience.