FITC Amsterdam 2017

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While many of us still cherish our first toy, we are getting used to discarding broken gadgets, often deterred by high repair costs or new models entering the market every year.
It’s a rush to the latest tech, a race which renders us insensitive to the death of objects.
Would it be different if we had a way to empathize with such artifacts? Is there a way to establish a connection with a piece of engineering not unlike the one we still have with an obsolete toy from decades ago?

Programmed Obsolescence is a project aiming at exploring how we can connect to a piece of cold hardware on a more human level, establishing a relationship which will make us mourn the loss of products we so heavily rely on but nowadays have no problem in replacing once they reach their End of Life, shipping them to a landfill and rarely looking back at our former relationship.


Make you love thy machines

Target Audience

Curious people, robot lovers, conscious programmers

Things Audience Members Will Learn

  • Importance not to create electronic waste
  • Empathy towards machines
  • Living with less
  • Love thy robots