FITC Toronto 2016

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The way we publish to the Web is broken. For years, we’ve relied on pre-built HTML templates inside content management systems as our only way to publish content online. Designers hand off their creations to developers who meticulously hand-code basic templated layouts that take days or weeks. A lot of the magic of a design gets lost in translation due to the limiting technology of the day. When you simply want to move an image 1 inch to the right, the technology tells you you can’t.

What if you could crack open your browser, hit New Page, and just create? Straight from brain to page? No hand-coding? (Unless you want to!). What if every page on the Web was a starting point that you could use to take it in another direction and make it your own? What if the browser acted just like every other desktop publishing or design app you’ve ever used?

Now it does.


To show a brand new technology that is re-inventing what it means for anyone to create and publish to the Web.

Target Audience

Anyone involved at the front-end of web publishing (developers, designers, content folks), as well as any professional who has need of a website.

Five things audience members will learn

  1. Brief context of where web publishing came from, and how we got here
  2. Demonstrations of a new technology that will dramatically improve the lives of those wishing to create original content on the Web
  3. That web design, is in fact not dead
  4. How to create an original (i.e. non templated) website as fast as you can dream it up
  5. Show a whole new way to use a web browser, not just to surf the web, but to create it