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We’ve all had the experience of having designed the perfect comp: stylish photos, perfectly sized names, and the right amount of copy only to have everything fall apart in the development process when real content crashes your carefully curated design party. The pain point of managing the content in our designs needs to be addressed if we want to insure we end up with the best user experience in our apps and websites.

This session will give you a look at the development of a new tool — Adobe Experience Design CC (Preview) — created to solve this problem and will look at what happens to UX and product design when our tools are as dynamic and flexible as the problems we’re trying to solve.


How to design with integrity and consistency from creation to prototyping with the new development tool Adobe Experience Design CC (Preview).

Target Audience

Web and mobile designers. UI/UX designers.

Assumed Audience Knowledge

Understanding of basic graphic creation

Five things audience members will learn

  1. An understanding of current problems in design and UI/UX
  2. How to design for screens
  3. How to design and prototype in one tool
  4. Sharing content with ease
  5. Introduction to Adobe Experience Design CC (Preview)