FITC Toronto 2021
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 25 years of racing to get the SNL titles right and on time.

Designing the titles for an iconic sketch comedy show is a bit like being on the show itself—an adrenaline-fueled rush filled with moments of joy and panic, planning and improvising, problems and solutions. Emily’s here to offer a behind-the-scenes look at what that mad dash is really like. For her team, the challenge every time is to create something new yet familiar, comforting yet exciting, for an ever-evolving audience.

This year, the challenges were heightened by COVID-19—and so were the stakes. Emily will share the story of how her team helped the beloved entertainment institution find its footing, and herald its return at a time when the world really needs a good laugh.


  • Love what you do and be willing to sacrifice sleep for it.
  • Be prepared for great work to be rejected—even after it’s been approved.
  • Sometimes the toughest circumstances create the most rewarding results.
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • You never know what comes next, so pay attention!