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Building Brand Loyalty & Memorable Experiences
With each new launch the hysteria around the ‘Johnny Cupcakes’ brand continues to conquer the globe. The reaction goes from 10 block queues as anxious fans await for Johnny Cupcakes… Read more…
Innovation Marketing Work Better
Johnny Cupcakes
Owner, Johnny Cupcakes
Creatives and Social Responsibility
Art won’t save the world, end COVID, inequality or wars. But wait! there is a lot we can do if we just stop and think, while we may not consciously… Read more…
Inspire Process
Yuko Shimizu
How to Make Share-Worthy Work
There’s a finite amount of time that you have each day to make creative work, but there is a nearly infinite amount of opportunities for that work to get shared… Read more…
Design Marketing Strategy
Lauren Hom
Owner, Designer, Hom Sweet Hom
Interop: Self-Determination vs Dystopia
Interoperability is both ubiquitous and subtle. Interop is why you can buy your shoes from one company and your shoelaces from another, and no-interop is why you can’t use apps… Read more…
Business Ethics Open Source
Cory Doctorow
Intersection: Creativity And Co-evolution
We explore the intersections among art, design, and technology with guests from different backgrounds and perspectives. Intersection = capability + potential Technology makes things possible for art and design and… Read more…
Creativity Creative Code Panel
David Hogue
UX Design Lead, Google
Erik Natzke
Brendan Dawes
Designer and Artist, Singleman
Refik Anadol
Artist, Refik Anadol Studio
Intersection: Seeing Our Failures From The Future
We explore the intersections among art, design, and technology with guests from different backgrounds and perspectives. The intersection of ambition and insight. We tend to focus on the future –… Read more…
Futurism Panel
David Hogue
UX Design Lead, Google
Cory Doctorow
Jared Ficklin
Chief Creative Technologist, argodesign
Timoni West
Vice President, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Unity
Intersection: The Importance Of Physicality
We explore the intersections among art, design, and technology with guests from different backgrounds and perspectives. Intersection = virtual + physical Artists and makers have long worked with the tangible.… Read more…
Projection Mapping 3D Printing Panel Robots
David Hogue
UX Design Lead, Google
Sougwen Chung
Artist / Researcher / Technologist,
Jessica Rosenkrantz
Creative Director, Nervous System
Theo Watson
Co-founder Design I/O, openFrameworks, Design I/O
Latent Expeditions
What would happen if we had a machine that can create every imaginable and unimaginable image that there ever was, is and will be? Apparently nothing extraordinary, since that machine… Read more…
AI Art Inspire
Mario Klingemann
Artist, Quasimondo
 25 years of racing to get the SNL titles right. On time. Designing the titles for an iconic sketch comedy show is a bit like being on the show itself—an… Read more…
Design Inspire
Emily Oberman
Partner & Designer , Pentagram
Our Lockdown Saga
...and other lies, fibs and perjuries from the Draplin Design Company Everything came to a screeching halt a year ago. We battened down the hatches and got to work riding… Read more…
Design Inspire Storytelling
Aaron James Draplin
Founder, Draplin Design Co
The road a creative person travels is challenging, lengthy and constantly under attack by the outside forces of industry. We don’t have a map or a compass… just some guidelines… Read more…
Art Design
James White
Illustrator & Designer, Signalnoise
Reflections: Looking Back to Predict the Future
When charting a course in an ever evolving industry across art, design, and technology, one often is asked to embark on the unknown or finds themselves in a place they… Read more…
Kim Alpert
Irene Pereyra
Co-Founder, Anton & Irene
Shantell Martin
Mike Hill
Designer, Mike Hill Design
Stefan Sagmeister, Hindsight is 20/20, 40 years of design
Stefan Sagmeister will look back at work from the past 40 years of his studio and talk about what worked and what did not, what made sense to do and what… Read more…
Design Inspire Work Better
Stefan Sagmeister
Partner, Sagmeister Inc
The Drop
In this discussion we’ll talk about the impact that NFTs are having on the art market and the incredible opportunities available to (crypto) artists. Come for the legendary panelists. Stay… Read more…
CryptoArt Panel
Lady PheOnix
Co-founder , Universe Contemporary
Design Director,
Joshua Davis
Artist, Joshua Davis Studios
Designer/Director, Beeple
Think & Act Spatially
Spatial computing has arrived. Yes the hype arrived first but the next pattern of computing is now a dev kit you can buy, use and develop for. This means that… Read more…
AR Interaction Strategy
Jared Ficklin
Chief Creative Technologist, argodesign
Tryin’ to Get Ahead Before We Get a Headstone
A colour-filled enthusiastic presentation of all things creative. Gavin plots his creative journey through his time in the design and film industry, picking it apart and extracting the lessons and… Read more…
Design Film Inspire
Gavin Strange
Director & Designer, Aardman / Jamfactory