FITC Toronto 2015

2015-04-12 00:00:00 2015-04-15 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Toronto 2015 A three-day professional celebration of the best the world has to offer in design, web development, media and innovation in creative technologies. Toronto FITC Toronto


The photo-sharing website Flickr has a ten-year history of trying out new things. From its origin as a feature spun off of a massively-multiplayer game, through the dark days of neglect, to its current reincarnation, many different people have advanced new ideas via many different paths.

Which roads are the smoothest and which are full of potholes? Which lead to the most interesting discoveries and which to the staid and expected? Are new ideas the sole province of product teams, or should engineers and designers participate in the process?

In his talk, Eric explores a brief history of Flickr’s long tenure on the Web, and provides a platform from which to examine these questions.


Examine the sources of inspiration and innovation, and the paths from idea to execution.

Target Audience

People who make things, people who use web services, people with ideas for new products.

Assumed Audience Knowledge

Familiarity with web products and user experiences.

Five things audience members will learn

  1. How to make things with a team.
  2. How to avoid, and avoid being consumed by, office politics.
  3. How to be an engineer with design and product skills.
  4. How to be a designer with engineering and product skills.
  5. How to be a product person with design and engineering skills.