FITC Amsterdam 2018

2018-02-19 00:00:00 2018-02-21 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Amsterdam 2018 Now in its 11th year, FITC Amsterdam returns to host the groundbreaking design and tech event on the future of innovation, design and all the cool shit in between. Amsterdam FITC Amsterdam

A Firsthand Experience of Creating Dynamic Online Content
Tom has been on the quest for unique and customized content, servicing the right video to the right viewer. In his talk he’ll share his experiences of creating dynamic online… Read more…
Film Storytelling Strategy
Tom Titulaer
A Love Letter To Flash
July 25th, 2017. The web changed on this day. Well really it changed in April of 2010. What do these dates mean? What was Flash? Soon many of you won’t… Read more…
Foundations Innovation Inspire
Rick Mason
Relish Interactive
All Killer, No Filler
What does your creativity mean to you? In the world of daily unpredictable political turmoil, impending effects of climate change, refugee crisis and other crazy daily news, we all need… Read more…
Innovation Inspire Work Better
Radim Malinic
Brand Nu®
Alone in My Mind
A creative mind can be a turbulent place. An unpredictable place. Wondrous at times, but mostly just a mix or nebulous neuroses and half-baked hypotheticals. This is the story of… Read more…
Design Experiential Process
Alex Cornell
AMP: Design & Interactivity Without Sacrificing Speed
Web design shouldn’t be hindered by the need for a fast, smooth loading site. However, all too often web designers find themselves choosing between creative design choices and prioritizing speed.… Read more…
Design Mobile UX/UI
Abby Beck
Google AMP
Break it Down
ManvsMachine is a studio known for its high-end 3D aesthetic, strong design sense and sharp technical edge. These traits allow them to execute bold concepts, leaving many wondering how a… Read more…
Design Motion Process
Fred Huergo
Building an Environmental Awareness Campaign in AR with Google Zoo
The Art Science Museum, Google Zoo Singapore and MediaMonks teamed up to bring awareness about the illegal burning of the Sumatran Rain Forest for farming. Objective Raising awareness through augmented… Read more…
The B-Side
Matias Jansen
Building Worlds
Marpi will take you on a journey through all interactive media and technologies and look at it from the perspective of the user, not the author. Large scale art installations,… Read more…
Experiential Interaction Storytelling
Marpi Studio
Calling Voyager: Interface Design for NASA’s Deep Space Network
NASA’s Deep Space Network (DSN) is one of its oldest and longest running projects. Without the DSN, we can’t talk to the legendary Voyager Spacecraft, or even Curiosity on Mars.… Read more…
Collaboration Strategy UX/UI
Krys Blackwood
Creating a Better Future
If you are not happy with the way the world is right now, it’s a perfect opportunity to make it better using your creative superpowers. Find out how other people… Read more…
Design Innovation Work Better
Ekaterina Solomeina
Future London Academy
Creating Joy
7 years ago a few artists and coders banded together to create interactive installations that made people feel joy and wonder. Their work has gotten a ton of reactions over… Read more…
Experiential Innovation Process
Design and Prototype at the Speed of Thought with Adobe XD CC
Intuitive design tools are essential for everyday workflows and Adobe is inviting everyone to help them build a UX design tool that fits the needs of designers. Go from concept… Read more…
Design Prototyping UX/UI
Bart Van de Wiele
Designing for the Next Generation of Digital Designers
As founding partners of the Master Digital Design at the Amsterdam University of Applied Science (AUAS) Momkai had the honour to design a visual identity for the next generation. Lead… Read more…
The B-Side
Martijn van Dam
Do. It. Now.
When is the best time to start? Now, of course! So why do we often wait until the perfect moment to begin the things that are really important to us.… Read more…
Collaboration Design Inspire
Dutch Digital Design
Dutch Digital Design presents the making of stories behind successful digital design cases. Featuring MediaMonks, DDB & Tribal Amsterdam, Momkai, Superhero Cheesecake, Clever Franke and Born05.  Hosted by Daniel Sytsma and… Read more…
Design Process Showcase
Evil by Design
Dear designers, you’ve learned a lot already. You can make apps and websites, you can prototype beautiful stuff out of thin air within minutes, you can code UI animation, and… Read more…
Design Social Innovation Work Better
Kit Oliynyk
Fannie Mae
Fascinations and Failures
We live in an age where most of our creative tools we use are close to perfection. Our computers, phones, applications and navigation systems make no mistakes. Perfection is not… Read more…
Design Failure Inspire
Erik Kessels
From Fantasy to Fact: the Journey From Speculation to Innovation
When science fiction films envisage credible futures, is there a bigger role that design studios can play in converting creative speculation to technological innovation? This talk looks at the challenges and real… Read more…
Inspire Storytelling UX/UI
David Sheldon-Hicks
Territory Studio
How to Tell Your Story
Stories are the glue that connects all of us whether your central character is a person, brand, or company. A good narrative serves as an organic means of marketing what… Read more…
Business Design Storytelling
Matt McCue
99U Magazine
Immersive Tech in the Age of Experience
The talk examines key questions about the use of immersive tech across industries: why does audience experience (AX) design matter? Why and how does ‘presence’ produce a distinct impact? What… Read more…
AR Marketing VR
Christophe Mallet
Somewhere Else: The Immersive Tech Agency
Improving the Product Experience: From Sales to Design
Are you using all of your customer-facing channels to inform your UX decisions? Turns out your user research team could be much larger than you think and include customer service,… Read more…
Design Process UX/UI
Zuzana Sekerova
Generative recipe. Take any kind of data, any boring piece of math trivia, a seemingly useless technique from an unrelated field. Trim, boil, simmer, reduce. Repeat 2. Nothing is safe,… Read more…
Creative Code Inspire Processing
Frederik Vanhoutte
Introducing Forge AR/VR Toolkit
Bringing high quality design content into a virtual or augmented reality experience has always been really difficult. Until now…! At FITC, Autodesk will be showcasing for the first time in… Read more…
AR Innovation VR
Philippe Leefsma
Keeping the Story Alive: Blogs From the Past are the Future
This talk will dive into the case of Evert_45: a boy who tells his story on social media, from 1945. Discover how ad agency N=5 and digital production company Superhero… Read more…
The B-Side
Jordi Romkema
Superhero Cheesecake
Kids DESTROY SH*T! Design Extreme Use Installations
Designing an enormous outdoor interactive light installation on a tiny budget is no mean feat. Biffer Rowley, director of creative technology at AMV BBDO talks through his recent project for… Read more…
Creative Code Experiential Hardware
James Rowley
Legend Has It: the Making of the Titles
A look behind the scenes at how the FITC Amsterdam 2018 motion graphics title sequence came to be. Read more…
The B-Side
Gavin Strange
Aardman / Jamfactory
Lessons From Ten Years of Everydays
For the last ten years Beeple has done a picture from start to finish without missing a single day. In this presentation he talks about some of the lessons learned… Read more…
Art Process Work Better
What are the biggest changes/challenges David has seen in design in the past 20 or so years? The gentrification of design. Software and computers continue to make designers lazy –… Read more…
Advertising Design Work Better
David Carson
David Carson Design
ofxPiMapper–Your Secret Projection Mapping Tool
There are tools and there are those used off the grid. Open source projection mapping tool ofxPiMapper is the perfect choice if you have to do things that do not… Read more…
Experiential Frameworks Hardware
Krisjanis Rijnieks
On Tangibility, Interactions and the Perceived Value of Digital
How is it that physical, tangible creations inherently seem to have more value than the digital ones that we all create? Is an object that is easily shareable less valueable… Read more…
Experiential Hardware Interaction
Mark Hinch
Random Studio
On the Brink of Consciousness
Advances in deep learning and artificial intelligence are moving very fast now. People are starting to wonder what role robots will have in our society. While many researchers are focusing… Read more…
AI Ethics Robots
Jan De Coster
Slightly Overdone
Onsite: Battles, Bruises and Beer
Currently spending several weeks on-site rehearsing our latest project, Kate will be sharing stories literally from the front line.  From the daily challenges of managing expectations, to the highs and… Read more…
The B-Side
Kate Dawkins
Kate Dawkins Studio
Our Human Experience
As we create and build the future of tech, it’s important to take a step back and examine our life experiences and how they impact our decisions and form our… Read more…
Inspire Social Innovation Work Better
Haris Mahmood
Pathfinding, Memory and Recursion
Where am I going?  Leave a copy of that path.  Sample the past as part of the future. Each year Josh gives himself a new project around a theme or… Read more…
Creative Code Process Processing
Joshua Davis
Joshua Davis Studios
Problem Solving Through Pairing: Experiences in UX and Education
Working with other humans can be challenging; so is solving complicated UX problems. As the systems we build become more complicated, so does the need for better problem solving and… Read more…
Collaboration Process UX/UI
Tiffany Tse
Real-Time Data Visualization with Sensor Data
At Red Bull Playrooms, in one of the most popular events during Amsterdam Dance Event, music, art, and technology come together to stimulate all senses. In 2016 Red Bull and… Read more…
The B-Side
Gert Franke
Rejuvenating While Celebrating: The Story Of Creating iFly50
In 2016, KLM’s (Royal Dutch Airlines) digital magazine iFly is nearing it’s 50th edition. The old magazine is on its last legs, and in desperate need of a total make-over.… Read more…
The B-Side
Timo Wilbrink
Some Days are Diamonds…
…some days are rocks. This is a talk about the rocks. Not every project you get will be the one you end up talking about at a conference. It might… Read more…
The B-Side
Stephen Martell
The Art of the Short
Oscar-nominated animation master PES will take you on a chronological tour of his career weaving in personal stories, behind-the-scenes footage, and insights on the art of creating. Objective To give… Read more…
Animation Art Film
PES Films
The B-Side
Off the beaten path from the main tracks of FITC Amsterdam, you’ll find The B-Side – a place to hear war stories, personal stories, and those only found backstage. Unpredictable… Read more…
The B-Side
The Distractathon
As someone who has made a habit of positive distraction, Mill+ creative director Carl Addy has enjoyed a fragmented career spanning advertising, design, digital, illustration, and direction as well as… Read more…
Innovation Process Storytelling
Carl Addy
The End Is Nigh! A Playful Dystopia
A wild ride through the synapses of animation director, father and overall pretty average human being Mate Steinforth. How does art relate to your work as a designer, and how… Read more…
Animation Futurism Process
Mate Steinforth
The Honest Truth About Augmented Reality
Augmented reality is now achieving mainstream adoption and will soon be the largest immersive technology platform in the world. As the technology takes off, more developers are leveraging AR to… Read more…
AR React
Owen van Dijk
The Moon in the Sky
A 45 min audio visual performance… grab a beer and come chill out. This performance randomly generates 27 cue’d animations. WARNING / contains Strobe and Flashing Lights / will melt brain and… Read more…
Joshua Davis
Joshua Davis Studios
The Realistic Idealist
By day, Gavin Strange is a senior designer for the interactive arm of the UK’s beloved animation studio Aardman Animations. By night, he goes under the alias of JamFactory as… Read more…
Design Inspire Work Better
Gavin Strange
Aardman / Jamfactory
The Weird and Wonderful World of Book Publishing
This might be the only non-digital project to be discussed in the B-Side, however, it’s connected to tech in more than one way. Radim wanted to write and publish a… Read more…
The B-Side
Radim Malinic
Brand Nu®
Thirty Years in Motion
Kyle Cooper has directed and produced over 300 main title and visual effects sequences. Take an in depth look into the process of creating title sequences, from David Fincher’s Se7en,… Read more…
Design Motion Storytelling
Kyle Cooper
Total Eclipse of the Art
“Every now and then I fall apart” – Bonnie Tyler may not have been singing about love after all. Explore the parallels between her epic love anthem and the creative… Read more…
Experiential Inspire Storytelling
Stephen Martell
Using Technology as a Remedy
Five percent of all children in the Netherlands stutter. That’s one kid in every classroom. Many of them become victims of bullying. Talking out loud helps, but they avoid their… Read more…
The B-Side
Esmée Lechner
DDB & Tribal Amsterdam
Why Do We Need to Make New Realities?
Geoff and Anita will discuss how escapism inspires a use of technology that evolves the human perspective. A philosophy fuelled by creating fantasies for other people. Engaging with dystopia and… Read more…
Advertising Art Futurism
Workshop: One Infinite Loop
Note: This full-day workshop is on Sunday, 18 Feb between 10:00h and 17:00h (Grab a WORKS or WORKSHOP ONLY ticket) In this day-long workshop, develop and create a short animated sequence with… Read more…
Animation Film Storytelling Workshop
PES Films
Workshop: Projection Mapping with the Raspberry Pi
Note: This full-day workshop is on Sunday, 18 Feb between 10:00h and 17:00h (Grab a WORKS or WORKSHOP ONLY ticket) Miniature projection mapping installations and prototypes are possible by reusing one’s old… Read more…
Hardware Open Source Workshop
Krisjanis Rijnieks
Workshop: Starting an Everyday Project Using Cinema4D
Note: This full-day workshop is on Sunday, 18 Feb between 10:00h and 17:00h (This workshop is SOLD OUT) The purpose of this workshop is to help participants learning the basic fundamentals… Read more…
3D Rendering Design Inspire Workshop
World War I to Fast & Furious Live
Kate has designed and directed content projected onto a floor of ice, the ceiling of the London Design Museum, the bridge of the USS intrepid in NY and put content… Read more…
Art Design Experiential
Kate Dawkins
Kate Dawkins Studio
You’re Awesome!
The creative industries aren’t always great for your health. Tom Crate used to think he was one of the smarter ones. He got regular exercise, ate well, he even practiced… Read more…
Failure Inspire Stress
Tom Crate