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Haptic effects — or force-feedback — has been relegated mainly to console gaming world for the past twenty years.  But with advances in the both mobile and VR, it won’t be long until haptics finds its way into other content media like video, films, ads and media stickers.  This session will explore the many possible use cases where you may find tactile effects applied to content media, whether in your living room, subway or VR spaces.

Audience members will also be given hands-on haptic video examples to feel using standard, non-prototype, mobile devices.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in new concepts, content interactions, future of films, video design or tactile storytelling.

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. What is meant by feeling films or videos
  2. What types of media can currently be enabled with haptics
  3. What are a few of the best use cases for tactile effects in media content
  4. Study results of benefits already recognized by using tactile effects in video content
  5. Current resources for adding tactile effects into mobile video ad or movie campaigns