Web Unleashed 2018

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Far too often, developers move into management roles for the wrong reasons and without adequate preparation. The erroneous view that management represents a promotion for developers causes mismatched expectations and undue stress on new managers and their teams. We need to talk about what management really is and why it’s so difficult for developers to succeed. If you’ve ever thought about becoming a manager or are afraid you may one day be forced to, come hear about what it’s really like so you can make an informed decision about where to take your career.

As a developer-turned-manager, Jamie has stumbled over enough of the hurdles making the transition to clearly explain why you should 100%, absolutely, categorically, without a doubt not follow the same path he did (unless maybe you should).


Give the audience a clear understanding of what moving into management means and whether or not it would be right for them.

Target Audience

Developers considering moving into management

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. Why developers shouldn’t become managers
  2. How development and management differ
  3. How developers can succeed as managers
  4. How to figure out if management is right for you
  5. What paths developers can take besides management