FITC Tokyo 2015

2015-02-07 00:00:00 2015-02-09 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Tokyo 2015 Now in its sixth year, FITC Tokyo 2015 consists of presentations from some of the most interesting and engaging digital creators from all around the world. Tokyo FITC JST Tokyo









メディアアート、ストリートアート、現代アート、オープンソーステクノロジー(oF, Processing, Arduino)などに多少でも知識のある人


  1. ハッキングとストリートアートについて
  2. ドローイングマシンの作り方
  3. メディアアートとは何か
  4. 技術的特異点に到達する前のクリエイティビティについて
  5. クリエイティビティとは何か

Create/Generate Creativity

I have produced numerous self-generated drawing devices such as a drawing bot that hacks motor-operated skateboards and uses the movements of double pendulums to generate surfaces that resemble graffiti and a drawing device where multiple modules change their movements in response to changes in the environment and depict gigantic murals over a long period of time, both together with collaborators and on my own. Through these works I would like to think about the issues of “who the creator of a work is, what exactly a work is, whether it is possible to generate creativity, and what precisely creativity is”.


I will ponder whether it is possible for computers and machines to produce creativity autonomously, what exactly a work is, who the creator is, and whether these are important.

Assumed Audience Knowledge

A person who has some kind of knowledge on things like media art, street art, modern art, open source technology (oF, Processing, Arduino).

Five things audience members will learn

  1. About hacking and street art
  2. How to make a drawing machine
  3. What media art is
  4. About creativity prior to arriving at a technical point of significance
  5. What creativity is