FITC Toronto 2014

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Molly Schwartz’s projects come from a need to see something, a place built, a world made, in very specific colors. Each component of a project can be seen as a characteristic feature of a submarine. This metaphor is handy at the level of undertaking and execution, categorically arranging ideas and concepts to design a story.

The exercise is to break down the elements of submersible craft and use them to develop and amplify a project. Framework / Structure / Infrastructure = Drawing. Every project starts from drawing. How is the ship built? Sketch the parts. Draw the plan. Engine = Concept. Here is the heart of your project. Sea-worthiness = Does it sink, float or take on water? Bridge = Control. How do you control everything? What operations are automated and which are manual?

Building out from simple drawings, her projects incorporate painting, objects, photography, physical and digital animation, coding, sculpture and physical computing. All elements are combined into a working system, whether physical installation, projection or animation on screen.

Molly is a painter, in love with the mechanism of invented traveling vessels and she would like to discuss making what you want to see, via the parallel idea of a submarine.