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Beyond The UX Tipping Point
For the longest time, making a great experience for the user was a business-strategy luxury item. A great product only had to work and ship. Offering a great experience was… Read more…
UX/UI Work Better
Jared Spool
Maker of Awesomeness, Center Centre – UIE
Designing 1:1s That Don’t Suck
1:1 meetings between you and your manager are the most important meetings you will have at work. These are the meetings where you set your career goals and chart a… Read more…
Collaboration Process Work Better
Farai Madzima
UX Manager, Shopify
Overcoming Bias to Advocate for Change
“That’s great, but how do I convince my boss?” It’s one thing to know what your organization should be doing, but that’s not always enough to convince the people who… Read more…
Business Ethics Inspire
David Dylan Thomas
Author, speaker, filmmaker, David Dylan Thomas, LLC
Problems are Complex Systems
Intersections – Exploring the intersections among art, design, and technology from different perspectives. Problem-spaces and products are complex systems that change over time. We need to include time as a… Read more…
Product Design Panel Strategy
David Hogue
UX Design Lead, Google
Ha Phan
Director of Discovery Products, Pluralsight
Visakan Veerasamy
Author, entrepreneur, marketing consultant,
Space Zen: Using the Beginner’s mind for Rocket UX
Using The Beginner’s Mind for Rocket Science at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory Designing UX for space is astronomically complicated. Whether there are time pressures, budget pressures, or pressures to do… Read more…
Design Work Better
Krys Blackwood
Senior Lead User Experience Designer, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory