The 4 City Tour

2004-10-19 00:00:00 2004-10-26 00:00:00 America/Toronto The 4 City Tour Our first road trip event! This one day event in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Vancouver, was jam packed with speakers from Canada and around the world which over 900 attendee’s came out for. Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver FITC Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver

Ancient Fighting Technique
MK12 is a motion design studio that creates specialized animated pieces for networks and agencies. We also make short films when we can, and sometimes we remember to go home… Read more…
Applied Imagination
Although knowledge and experience are important to solving problems, often it is the level of imagination applied to the process of solving them, that will have the greatest impact. Designing… Read more…
Web Dev
Erik Natzke
Beyond the Mouse – Human User Interaction in Flash
With the vast improvements in Action Script and the flash platform constructs in the past years, it has become possible to use flash for more than just web interaction and… Read more…
Web Dev
By The Numbers: Programmatic Design and Animation
Machines are very good at processing numbers, and Jared wants you to put the machines to work. This session will expose techniques of building up complex graphic constructions and then… Read more…
Web Dev
Jared Tarbell
CBC Radio 3: Lessons in Converged Content
CBC Radio 3 produces weekly radio programs and Web sites from its offices in Vancouver, Winnipeg and Toronto. It’s been recognized around the world for its interactive work on projects… Read more…
Rob McLaughlin
Data Integration with Flash Interfaces
Today, designers and developers alike need to know their options for building successful, efficient, enterprise-level RIAs, or Rich Internet Applications. In this session, Robert Reinhardt, Director of Multimedia Applications at… Read more…
Web Dev
Robert Reinhardt
Dynamic Abstraction
In my session, I’ll be showing how the work was created on using this idea of dynamic abstraction. Fundamentally, art/design has been taught as very static process… executing style/method… Read more…
Joshua Davis
Joshua Davis Studios
Gallons of void
Notre présentation est une exploration du processus derrière l’odyssée sombre et mélodique d’une durée de 45 minutes du projet “Gallons of Void” de sa conception jusqu’à sa complétion. Quelles sont… Read more…
It’s never fun to build a lifeless project, and likewise it’s boring to visit a site which lacks personality. Every project (corporate, commerce, experimental or personal) has room for the… Read more…
Shane Mielke
Amit Pitaru & James Paterson of will be showing some of their newest unreleased work, and giving a behind the scenes look at their work process. Read more…
Macromedia Customer Success Story: How to get paid for playing games
For years Fuel Industries has been developing highly acclaimed user experiences with Macromedia technology. This session will highlight some of our most successful projects, with an eye towards their production.… Read more…
Macromedia Customer Success Story: Teknision
Teknision CTO Tony MacDonell and President Gabor Vida will present some of Teknision’s recent success stories. They will go over some key client projects and highlight the challenges and experiences they encountered… Read more…
Making Fun Happen
This session will take a look at several of Fuel Industries’ recent gaming releases with a critical eye towards making fun happen. We will show some of the features that… Read more…
Web Dev
Object Oriented Procrastination
Object Oriented Programming is commonly associated with application development (boring but profitable), but it can also be used to create less practical (and much more entertaining) pieces. This session examines… Read more…
Web Dev
Grant Skinner
Weaving the Web
This presentation will explore the past, present, and future of the longest-running Flash narrative ever – Broken Saints – and its upcoming emergence to new mediums (DVD, comic, videogame, and potential series/film).… Read more…
Brooke Burgess
Work Like A Machine II
As Teknision has grown over the years, the biggest challenge we have faced is being able to take on bigger projects and get a whole team working on it at… Read more…
Web Dev
Tony MacDonell