The 4 City Tour

2004-10-19 00:00:00 2004-10-26 00:00:00 America/Toronto The 4 City Tour Our first road trip event! This one day event in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Vancouver, was jam packed with speakers from Canada and around the world which over 900 attendee’s came out for. Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver FITC Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver



It’s never fun to build a lifeless project, and likewise it’s boring to visit a site which lacks personality. Every project (corporate, commerce, experimental or personal) has room for the designer and developer to add a little bit more of his/her life force, love, personality and vision. This session will explore the processes behind building environmental experiences. Learning some of these processes will hopefully spark new ideas, methods, processes or habits that can bring life to their next project.

The presentation is broken into 3 main categories which can be used as a foundation and can be applied to an introduction, website, interactive image or navigation. These categories are:

1) Concept: Defining the idea
2) Creation: Laying out the animation style/theme
3) Organization: Managing your assets