Spotlight: Hardware

Spotlight: Hardware

Arduino, 3d Printing, Sensors, and more

June 08, 2013


Next up in the Spotlight event series, we bring you a day dedicated to hardware! We've lined up 10 creative technologists to cover the hottest platforms impacting the tech world: Google Glass, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Leap Motion, 3D printing, drones, depth cameras and more!

The physical world and the digital world will soon be indistinguishable. The demand for bringing digital interactive experiences into something tangible continues to grow and that is in great part due to the accessible technology emerging which can support such a thing.

3D printing and micro-controllers mean cheap and fast prototyping for the imaginative mind. If you can picture it you can print it, and with microcontrollers like Arduino or even thumb drive sized computers like Raspberry Pi, you can even control it. Google’s Project Glass has only begun and it’s been successful in creating a digital layer over the everyday.

No longer are developers simply going to need to know how to create original and innovative projects online – they’re going to need to create and understand how projects can play out in real world environments to stay competitive.

We’re going through another revolution in the interactive space and you don’t want to be left behind. That’s why this time around we’re putting the spotlight on hardware.

Get Hands-On

Join us for a full day of presentations and demos with an hour long, hands-on portion where you can interact with ALL of the presenters and their hardware, where you’ll be able to ask questions, one-on-one.


We are very excited to welcome Adafruit as a sponsor! We’ll have TEN FLORAs to giveaway to attendees at the event. In addition, everyone will receive a discount code for any Adafruit product.

Who should attend?

This event is for developers and emerging technologists across all platforms in all stages of their career. If you are interested in getting started with hardware, this event will get you going, covering basic to intermediate topics in available hardware.

About Spotlight events

A part of the Spotlight event series, this event focuses on a relevant tech topic for one day and gives interactive professionals and students the opportunity to build up their development skill set at a low price point, with a minimal time commitment.


40 St. George Street, Toronto, ON M5S 2E4
  1. The main entrance is off St. George Street, just north of College Street, east of Spadina
  2. Room #1130 is on the main floor

Underground parking is available within the complex. Cars should enter via Huron Street, located one block west of St. George Street, north of College. Outdoor parking for the full day is also available in the King’s College Circle parking lot, accessed via King’s College Road one block east of St. George Street.

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