Eric Boyd is the founder of Sensebridge, an electronic jewelry company. Born and raised in Ontario Canada on a small chicken farm, Eric went to Queens University for engineering; graduating in 2003 but not before co-founding After graduating he lived and worked in Silicon Valley at a high tech startup, designing and installing industrial sensors. Eric is currently based in Toronto Canada, where he is President of, a technology community space and a trustee of the Awesome Foundation. At Sensebridge, Eric works on a variety of devices which are intended to augment the user, turning them into cyborgs. These devices include North Paw – a compass anklet that gives users a sense of direction; and Heart Spark – a heart-beat flashing pendant which broadcasts the wearers emotions. A man of diverse interests, his other hobbies include Quantified SelfDIYbio and Guerrilla Gardening.

Eric is also a Founder and Director of Festival Programming at Maker Festival, an annual event celebrating the DIY spirit in Toronto.