Spotlight AR/VR 2017
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AR, VR and Other Abbreviations
To explore storytelling, intent, tech, design, and outcomes in an exploration of learnings, best practices and case studies with ARKit, ARStudio, ARCore, Hololens, Tango, VR and WebVR. Objective To engage… Read more…
Storytelling AR VR
Roger Dario
Creative Director, Jam3
Brendan Neufeld
Creative Technologist, Jam3
Media Ridha
Executive Producer, Jam3
Auteurism in 360 Degrees
“Film cannot be art, for it does nothing but reproduce reality mechanically.” — Rudolf Arnheim in 1933, opening his book “Film as Art” by quoting criticism from his contemporaries. By… Read more…
Film Futurism VR
Michelle Cortese
VR Product Designer, Facebook
Shared AR Experiences
The AR platforms we are playing with these days are getting pretty good at “single-player” experiences.  But all of the really interesting stuff begins to happen when we can share… Read more…
Inspire Creative Code AR
Mark Rigley
Senior Creative Technologist, Smith