Robert is a designer and founder of the award-winning firm CIRCLE, the visual communications consultancy he directed for four decades. He is also a former president of Icograda (now ico–D, the International Council of Design); a foreign feature correspondent for Communication Arts magazine; and author of the books Worldwide Identity and Natural Reflections. Robert taught creative communications and design, was chair of graphic design at the University of Manitoba’s School of Art, and is a recipient of the Koopman Distinguished Chair in the Visual Arts from the Hartford School of Art, University of Hartford.

Robert was raised and schooled in Germany, Switzerland, and England. He is a lifelong environmentalist, humanist, and globalist (with extensive travel in 60+ countries). Though retired from design practice, he remains active internationally as a consultant, policy advisor, writer, juror, and guest lecturer. When not immersed in design, art, or activism, he enjoys nature, mountaineering, and human-powered outdoor activities.