James Braithwaite is a freelance illustrator who enjoys writing about himself in the third person. James received his degree in English Literature from Concordia University, and he is still trying to figure out what to do with it. (Perhaps an origami hat or boat?) When not cursing quietly at his drafting table, James spends his time attacking galleries with his art gang, the Young People’s Foundation and making frightening baubles with his co-conspirator, Fred Casia. James’ illustrations have been featured in Seed Magazine, Maisonneuve, Explore, Faesthetic, and many other fine publications. I Met the Walrus is James’ first foray into the world of animation, but it certainly won’t be his last. James lives in Montreal, Quebec and is currently working on a book of medical inaccuracies. All of this can be seen at his website, www.thebathwater.com.