FITC Toronto 2008

2008-04-19 00:00:00 2008-04-23 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Toronto 2008 Now in its 7th year, FITC Toronto is one of the largest and longest running events of its kind in the world. Toronto FITC Toronto

2D Barcodes for Mobile Devices
Imagine going to a website on your cell phone without spending 30 seconds or more just typing in the URL. 2D barcodes, such as QR Codes, Shot Codes, and Semcodes… Read more…
Web Dev
James Eberhardt
Canadian Digital Service
3D in Flash: Now and the Future
Want to wrap your head around 3D in Flash? Panelists discuss what’s happening in 3D right now, what we can look forward to seeing in the future and talk about… Read more…
Web Dev
Accessibility TO-DOs
Whether you are a lone accessibility evangelist within your organization or your company has an established accessibility program, anyone can benefit from improving the efficiency of their workflow. Objective Provide… Read more…
Accessibility Panel Work Better
ActionScript 4??
See what’s coming in the proposed next version of ECMAScript, the language standard upon which core ActionScript is based. Discussion is based on the document “Proposed ECMAScript 4th Edition –… Read more…
Web Dev
Colin Moock
Adobe After Effects Kicks Adobe Flash into High Gear!
Learn how to use Adobe After Effects CS3 and Flash CS3 techniques to create graphically rich video user experiences. We’ll explore all the powerful tools including 3D layers, advanced typographic… Read more…
Colin Smith
Adobe Keynote
Join Mike Downey, Group Manager of Platform Evangelism at Adobe, for a look at Adobe’s innovating new and existing platform technologies including Adobe AIR, Flex, Flash, Thermo, BlazeDS, ColdFusion and… Read more…
Mike Downey
Adobe Thermo: Designing the RIA Experience
The next generation of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) will continue to stretch our imaginations with groundbreaking interfaces and creative, engaging experiences. However, these new applications will demand even greater cooperation… Read more…
Web Dev
Ethan Eismann
AIR + Photoshop: What Happens When They Talk?
There is a secret path that, if followed, allows us to take a peak into the future. This path takes us to a place where we can begin to combine… Read more…
Web Dev
Dr. Woohoo!
AIR Conditioning
Now that most of the Flash community knows about AIR and what it’s capable of, this session will consist of a deep-dive on the main API features and workflows. It… Read more…
Web Dev
Lee Brimelow
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Browser
The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning fields are incredibly vast, but only going to grow bigger. Right now, the majority of individuals in the field are not Javascript developers, but… Read more…
JavaScript Machine Learning Web Dev
Keyfer Mathewson
Aspects of Practical Pornography
This presentation will reveal the shocking truth behind the short film, ‘I Met The Walrus’. It will consist of a live horse-feeding contest. The winner will burst into flames. We… Read more…
Becoming AS3: 10 Things AS1/2 Hybrid Coders Should Know
AS3 isn’t just a new version, it’s a whole new world, with applications that can run up to 30 times faster than those written in earlier versions! This talk by… Read more…
Web Dev
R Blank
Beyond the Knowledge: The Art of Playing
Sometimes the most effective way to captivate an audience is through delivering an experience that defies the convention. Pioneering the bleeding edges of technologies is not unlike spending countless hours… Read more…
Erik Natzke
Breaking Away
One afternoon in June of 2006, I threw my hands in the air and said no more. No more Flash banner ads. No more Flash mini sites. No more Flash… Read more…
Robert Hodgin
Breaking Out and Breaking In
Getting Interactive Design Into Interesting Not that long ago anyone trying to use technology creatively was labeled a geek with too much time on their hands or an artist who… Read more…
Nick Cristea
Building a CSS Architecture for Design Systems
The rise in popularity of front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap has changed how we approach front-end development. Instead of building out one page design at a time, the focus has… Read more…
CSS Design Planning
Christina Truong
Building AIR Applications with Adobe Flash CS3 Professional
Learn how to build cross-platform desktop applications using the world’s most popular interactive design tool. In this session Mike Downey, Group Manager of Platform Evangelism at Adobe and former Flash… Read more…
Web Dev
Mike Downey
Building AR and VR Experiences for Web Apps with JavaScript
It is increasingly important to understand how AR and VR technologies are changing what is possible to do in modern web applications. There are a lot of tools and technologies… Read more…
AR VR Web Dev
Hasan Ahmad
Aquent DEV6
Building Human Interfaces Powered by AI
We are smack in the middle of a hype about AI and whilst we wonder if a robot will take our job tomorrow or a badly configured self-driving car will… Read more…
Accessibility AI Front-End
Christian Heilmann
Building Multi-touch Interfaces with Flash
Multi-touch interfaces have recently stepped out of the lab in a big way. With multi-touch products by Apple and Microsoft there is an emerging niche for interactive designers to explore.… Read more…
Web Dev
Brett Forsyth
Building Red5 Applications
Take your Flash and Flex applications to the next level. Add streaming video, live interactivity and push technology to your projects, all using the acclaimed open source Red5 Flash server.… Read more…
Web Dev
Chris Allen
But I Thought We Had Buy-In
We’ve all been there: weeks into a project, you discover that you and your stakeholders have wildly different ideas about what you’re building — and why, and who it’s for.… Read more…
Process Strategy Work Better
Naomi Bower
Caffeinated Style Sheets: Extending CSS with JavaScript
Have you ever been frustrated by the limitations of CSS? In this talk, Tommy will explore ways that simple JavaScript functions can immensely increase the scope of what CSS can… Read more…
CSS Design JavaScript
Tommy Hodgins
Canada New Media Fund: Is It For You?
The Department of Canadian Heritage has allocated $14.5 million dollars per year to the Canada New Media Fund for a period of two years. Administered by Telefilm Canada, the Fund… Read more…
Challenging Imagination
Encompassing work from college to present day, Si will discuss his design process, as well as challenges faced with each project and how these challenges were overcome. Si will also… Read more…
Si Scott
Chop the Hydra!
In 2007 Adobe announced Hydra, a shader language for After Effects andFlash. Hydra runs with native speed and uses the GPU which results in enormous speed. A lot of problems… Read more…
Web Dev
Joa Ebert
Cinematic Motion Design
Devoid of Yesterday consists of Directors; Rob Chiu (The Ronin)and Chris Hewitt (Dstrukt) and is the vessel for all of their short experimental film making endeavours. Cinematic Motion Design will… Read more…
Code Free Flash Video For the Rest of Us … Sort of
You see all this cool Flash video stuff but… well there’s this code thing. Surprisingly, maybe there isn’t a “code thing”. It is amazing how much you can do with… Read more…
Web Dev
Tom Green
Communicating with Animation: Body Language of the Web
Contrary to popular opinion, UI animation isn’t something to be tacked on just for “polish” or “surprise & delight”. This attitude is why we end up with garish animations and… Read more…
Animation Design UX/UI
Eli Fitch
Composing Components in Angular
Components are a cornerstone of any modern web application, but they can be easy to take for granted. Bloated TypeScript files and tangled component trees make apps difficult to maintain,… Read more…
Angular Frameworks JavaScript
Renee Vrantsidis
Create AIR Apps to Control CS3 – Workshop
Note that this is a pre-festival workshop day (April 19), and therefore is only available to those who have ‘the works’ tickets, or the ‘pre-festival workshop’ tickets This workshop will… Read more…
Dr. Woohoo!
Creating the Next Generation Happy Meal Toy
From the initial creative to the distribution of 80 million units, join Fuel Industries for an intimate look at the process driving development for McDonalds’ next generation happy meal toy.… Read more…
Julian Dolce
Creativity Conducted – Wii Remote Interactive Installations
This session deconstructs the Adobe interactive installation first showcased at Adobe MAX 07, Chicago. We will walk through the creative ideation and conception process, planning, technical architecture and integration with… Read more…
Web Dev
Patrick Matte
CSS State of the Union: Round Table
Try out our new format in a participatory discussion on CSS, which is ever evolving and remains a powerful and sometimes under appreciated tool in the front-end developers toolbox. This… Read more…
CSS JavaScript The B-Side
Bermon Painter
Data Visualization with Flex and AIR
After a brief demo of the Google Analytic Reporting Suite we’ll start taking it apart and start digging deeper to explore the possibilities for data visualization with Flex and AIR.… Read more…
Web Dev
Nicolas Lierman
Design Ethics and Doing Good: Round Table
Try out our new format in a participatory discussion on the ethics of being a UX designer. Delve into questions such as: Does being a designer automatically require an ethical… Read more…
Sam Horodezky
Designing Data Visualization
When you think of “data visualization” what is the very first thing that comes to mind? For many, it’s bar graphs, pie charts, and histograms, or maybe some combination thereof.… Read more…
DataViz Design Intermediate UX/UI
Corey Ouellette
Thomson Reuters
Designing Fiction
Fiction meets science when emerging media, interactive content, cinematic storytelling and architecture come together to create Experience Design. Re-imagining both media content and screens, Experience Design challenges traditional forms of… Read more…
Tali Krakowsky
Developers Should Not Become Managers (Unless They Should)
Far too often, developers move into management roles for the wrong reasons and without adequate preparation. The erroneous view that management represents a promotion for developers causes mismatched expectations and… Read more…
Business Work Better
Jamie Strachan
Info-Tech Research Group
Director as Provocateur
A Fancy Way of Saying We Push People To Think Often, people fall easily into complacency – they become comfortable with the status quo because it is easier to accept… Read more…
enthusiASM, blood plASM, inline ASM
The AVM2 is fast. Granted. But the ActionScript compiler is sometimes wired. Now what if you could make full use of the AVM2 by writing bytecode manually? If you could… Read more…
Web Dev
Joa Ebert
Everyone Speaks Design
Fun, corporate, quirky, intense, basic, sexy – these are all words people use when talking about design, but what do they really mean? We tend to think that only designers… Read more…
Strategy UX/UI Work Better
Matt Hryhorsky
A journey through the history of web media and technology, into the future of world building, digital events, portals and realities. The new type of storytelling involving web, XR, and… Read more…
Art Experiential Futurism
Marpi Studio
Extending and Mashing Up YouTube
In this session you will learn all about the many ways to extend and ‘mash up’ YouTube. From accessing the data API to creating your own custom YouTube player (controls… Read more…
Web Dev
Geoff Stearns
FaCSSt: CSS and Performance
Ahh… CSS and performance. Two of Harry’s favourite things! But how well do they play together? It depends… In this very matter-of-fact talk, he’ll be looking at all of the… Read more…
CSS Design Performance
Harry Roberts
CSS Wizardry Ltd.
Flash 2D & 3D Effects
In this session we’ll look at how to create stunning visual effects using the Flash API and AS3. Although technical, this session will also be targeted at Designers, since they’ll… Read more…
Web Dev
Ralph Hauwert
Unity Technologies
Flash Across Screens
In 2008 Flash Lite will ship on Nokia S60, Series 40, and Sony Ericsson handsets enabling internet standard Flash video, rich connected applications, and web browsing based experiences. In this… Read more…
Web Dev
Bill Perry
Flash Now and in the Future
Learn how to get the most value out of Flash CS3 Professional. This session will cover features like integration and the new ActionScript 3.0 UI components, but we’ll also look… Read more…
Web Dev
Richard Galvan
Dolby Laboratories
Flash Player Internals
Maybe you’ve been working in Flash and wondered – Why does it work like that? or – How can I use this better? or – Why does the Garbage Collector… Read more…
Web Dev
Jim Corbett
Flash’s Turn at Turn-based Games
Learn the typical challenges inherent in building multi-user applications and see successful solutions in action. You’ll find that it’s possible to embrace latency, avoid “grieving situations”, and that AI might… Read more…
Web Dev
Phillip Kerman
Fortify Your UX
Brands and products today, more than ever, differentiate themselves in the market through delivering better user experiences than their competition. Most frequently, the entire burden of user research falls within… Read more…
Design Process UX/UI
Zuzana Sekerova
Free Massages with League
Relax and chat with League in the B-Side including complimentary massage therapy between sessions! Monday October 1 9am- 11am Lunch Break 4:30pm-5:15pm Tuesday October 2 8:30 – 11:00 Read more…
Sponsored Work Better
G94 Behind the Scenes – Things Are Not Always What They Seem
Offering an inside view of the group94 methodology, the session will be a blend of storytelling and technical insights. Attendees will walk away with questions raised and/or answered and a… Read more…
Gender Diversity in Technical Leadership: Round Table
Tech companies control almost every facet of daily life, from communication to transportation. With that kind of impact, it’s too big a responsibility for any single demographic to have full… Read more…
Collaboration Diversity & Inclusion Work Better
Andréa Crofts
Generative Environments
In this session Marpi will be using Three.js / WebGL to code an infinite, random landscape. He’ll then fill it with a lot of small moving things like digital pets to… Read more…
Live Coding Process The B-Side
Marpi Studio
GMUNK will share his favourite projects, dissect them proper/tender and show loads of behind the scenes dirt so we can all learn something along the way.. We’d expect to see… Read more…
Hacking Authenticity for Sales
Kevin will use tips and tricks gained from his 30 years’ experience in sales and advertising to
increase your sales. Using real world examples, case studies and actionable strategies… Read more…
Business Marketing Pitching
Kevin Airgid
Airgid Media Inc.
haXe by eXample
A Game Physics Engine, a Flash9 assembler library, a powerful Wiki website and an FLV streaming server : the common points between all these applications is that they all have… Read more…
Web Dev
Nicolas Cannasse
Hello, Flash – Phone Calling, Voicemail and Contacts with Ribbit
Chuck Freedman, Director of Ribbit’s Developer Platform, will present the simple technology that will add revolutionary communications features to your existing and future rich web apps. From making and receiving… Read more…
Web Dev
Chuck Freedman
How AI Technology Will Affect Product Design
With the proliferation of chatbots and voice-only UIs like Alexa and Google Home, AI has already had a marked impact on the variety of design projects coming to designers. But… Read more…
AI Design UX/UI
How Buck Goes About Making Commercials and Stuff
Buck will walk you through their process from pitch to delivery on 4 of their latest projects. Toyota Corolla
See how we combined miniature sets with 3d and wee… Read more…
How to B.S. (Brain Storm) Better
This is a brief crash course in ideation. Learn how to tap and train your potential, capture and catalogue your ideas, and boost your creative brain power. Experience the 10… Read more…
Jason Theodor
How to Create Ads that Will Actually Run
Flash 8.5 lets you create awesome designs and very cool looking ads. Too bad a lot of them won’t be seen. Online Publishers provide a variety of ad sizes and… Read more…
How to Learn Fast and Fail Small So You Don’t Fail Slow and Huge
As innovators and problem solvers, we’re great at finding problems and coming up with brilliant new solutions. But how do we know if our ideas will actually be successful? Far… Read more…
Innovation Strategy Work Better
​Pansy Lee
Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment
Human vs. AI: Mobile Apps with Vue.js, ML Kit and NativeScript
If you’ve been amazed by the game shows and intelligence challenges that pit humans against AIs, such as the Alpha Go tournament and TV’s “Beat Shazam”, get ready for the… Read more…
Jen Looper
Hyper-Lightweight Websites
The average website loads over 1.5MBs of content per page, making over 75 requests. Many popular websites are serving over 5MBs just to load their homepages. And these numbers represent… Read more…
Front-End Performance Web Dev
Chris Zacharias
Inclusive Form Inputs
What if form inputs were representative of our modern society, and operated in spectrums rather than binaries? It’s time we re-think this age-old input pattern. As developers, product designers, and… Read more…
Ethics UX/UI Work Better
Andréa Crofts
Incremental Development: Maintaining and Improving Long-Lived Websites
Micro-sites need not apply! It’s great fun to be able to build something totally from scratch using the latest and greatest frameworks available. But what about those legacy sites that… Read more…
DevOps Web Dev Work Better
Anne Thomas
Out of the Sandbox
Interactive Engagement with Adobe Media Player
The interactive experience is evolving, creating new opportunities to engage consumers with more dynamic, integrated media content and advertising. This session will demonstrate how Adobe(R) is enabling content owners and… Read more…
Web Dev
Deeje Cooley
International is the New Mobile First
This year Shopify launched in 6 new languages. In this talk, you’ll gain insight about how international is forcing them to fundamentally shift their way of thinking. In the same… Read more…
Process Strategy UX/UI
Robyn Larsen
International Growth @ Shopify
ISO50: Blending Analogue and Digital
Deconstructing concepts and methods for seamlessly combining the synthesized and the real. Scott will be discussing the technique and methodology of his poster art, breaking down the concepts behind the… Read more…
Scott Hansen (Tycho/ISO50)
Iterative UX at Google Search
Working on Google’s twenty-year-old flagship product comes with unique opportunities and challenges. Everyone wants to craft interesting, novel experiences, but how do we do that when shipping broken experiences is… Read more…
Design Process UX/UI
Yerusha Nuh
Google (Search)
Kaboom!!! Flash Pyrotechnics (and other particle effects)
Who’d have thought it? With only a few lines of very unscary code we can make smoke, sparks, explosions, splashes and bubbles. Creating a particle system may sound scary, but… Read more…
Web Dev
Seb Lee-Delisle
Life of a Senior Dev
You’ve been a developer for 10 years, maybe more, maybe less, but they call you the “senior developer”. So now what? How does your experience shape what you do while… Read more…
Panel Web Dev Work Better
Live Coding a WebVR Project
With more and more VR devices reaching the market, the need for a build-once-deploy-everywhere platform is becoming obvious. That’s where the web and the new WebVR and WebXR APIs come… Read more…
Creative Code Live Coding VR
Ricardo Cabello
lol computer y tho
What’s a Mozilla? How come it’s always Hello World? Why are there 153 color keywords, not 151 or 154? Who chose them? Whether you’re learning from teachers or on your… Read more…
Inspire The B-Side Web Dev
Zoe Daniels
Machine Learning with scikit-learn
Machine learning is more popular than ever and it has become an essential piece of many modern web apps. Apps that leverage it are able to gain valuable insights from… Read more…
AI DataViz Libraries
Rob McDiarmid
Making REAL Music Within Flash
In this session Andre Michelle will describe an option to synthesize dynamic audio within the Flash Player 9. This opens up a lot of new possibilities in being creative with… Read more…
Web Dev
Andre Michelle
Making the Invisible Visible
Zach Lieberman has a simple mission: he wants you surprised. He creates installations and performances that combine expressive, organic and whimsical interfaces and techniques of magic to explore the unseen:… Read more…
Zachary Lieberman
Mapping with Flex and AIR
Web mapping platforms have predominantly favored JavaScript developers. Most popular mapping mashups are not built in ActionScript. This talk will present the available options for Flex and AIR projects that… Read more…
Greg Sadetsky
Math in Motion
Move, bounce, orbit, follow, stretch, and tween. Making things move can add visual interest, enhance interaction, or just be a fun exercise. Whether you’re building a game, app, or digital… Read more…
Animation Creative Code Motion
Grant Skinner
Modulating A Lot
A behind the scenes peek into the imaginary world of Presstube & friends. Read more…
James Paterson
My Beautiful Mundane
A select viewing into the work of Artist, Director and Illustrator Stephen Crowhurst of Hello Hello. Audience: Anyone interested in design, illustration or art, with a procurement for finding inspiration… Read more…
Stephen Crowhurst
New Advertising Paradigms
Mixing Architecture and Branded Content
We are witnessing a radical shift in the advertising landscape. Brands are recognizing that in order to stay relevant they need to create more… Read more…
Vivian Rosenthal
New Works
This presentation will showcase the latest work of Joshua Davis studios. Audience: Anyone who has an interest in the creative process of Joshua Davis. Attain: Renewed creative inspiration. Read more…
Joshua Davis
Joshua Davis Studios
North Kingdom – An Inside View
Step inside North Kingdom and get better notion on how things are conducted inside the creative monarchy. With great experience gained from collaborating with the worlds leading brands, North Kingdom… Read more…
Our Human Experience
As we create and build the future of tech, it’s important to take a step back and examine our life experiences and how they impact our decisions and form our… Read more…
Social Innovation The B-Side Work Better
Haris Mahmood
Out of the Frying Pan
Flash developers have a long tradition of coaxing some amazing, sometimes unholy things out of their tool of choice. However there are still limitations to what is possible with Flash,… Read more…
Web Dev
Andrew Bell
Pimp my AIR
Python is a powerful programming language with a simple syntax that makes it very easy to develop server/client applications. In this session we present you some new open source tools… Read more…
Web Dev
Thijs Bernolet
Planet of APIs: A Tale of Performance & User Experience
A quarter century has passed since the first browser was released. Tim Berners-Lee’s pioneering followed by Marc Andreessen’s groundbreaking Mosaic came Navigator, spawning an industry that regaled in loading information… Read more…
Front-End Performance Web Dev
Henri Helvetica
Playing With Chaos: Fractals and Strange Attractors in ActionScript
Get ready for some crazy math and incredible graphics. We’re going to take a whirlwind journey through the land of fractals, iterated function systems, chaos theory, and strange attractors. Even… Read more…
Web Dev
Keith Peters
PointRoll Presents…Rich Media for Rebels
Innovators love to challenge themselves and stretch beyond the normal day-to-day limitations of technology; in this presentation explore the ins and outs of rich media challenges and pitfalls. Product Development… Read more…
Christian Spinillo
Project Management from the Developer’s Perspective
Get a rather unique and often unheard view of project management from the Developers perspective. The various milestones of a project cycle including both internal and client deliverables will be… Read more…
Stacey Mulcahy
Microsoft Garage
Prototyping for Speed & Scale
Prototyping is the most effective design method for cultivating a shared understanding of your idea, validating your design thinking, and communicating your vision to users and stakeholders alike. This session… Read more…
Creative Code UX/UI Work Better
Carl Sziebert
Rapid Prototyping with Vue.js
Ever feel like the design process is a drag? You’ve gotta do some research, define some wireframes, maybe do some high fidelity mockups? Sometimes talking gets in the way of… Read more…
Frameworks Front-End JavaScript
Bermon Painter
Real-Time Collaboration with FMS 3 or Adobe Hosted Services
Building scalable and full-featured real-time collaboration applications requires integrating a lot of different pieces. I outline how Octopz built and evolved a collaborative application using Flex, Coldfusion, and FMS and… Read more…
Web Dev
Brian Lesser
Reducing Complexity: An Intimate Look at Saffron
Take a second to imagine if you will, a development environment where a program’s behavior can be defined by a unique combination of different points between time and space. Then… Read more…
Web Dev
Samuel Agesilas
Responsive Design: Beyond Our Devices
Responsive designers now focus on _patterns_: reusable design modules we stitch together into larger layouts. But how should those patterns adapt, and when? And how do we design with them?… Read more…
Collaboration Design Responsive
Ethan Marcotte
Retaking Control of the Web
Remember when you were in control? The web unleashed the creativity of everyone with a computer, creating new careers and new companies for anyone who could stand up a website… Read more…
JavaScript Open Source Web Dev
Sandro Pasquali
Bulldog and Fisk
Satirical Interfaces
A conceptual overview of a body of interactive artwork that integrates physical interfaces in unconventional, and often funny ways. Projects that will be discussed include a creative writing application designed… Read more…
Web Dev
Cameron Browning
Serverless Functions and Vue.js
Serverless is the most clickbaity title for an actually interesting thing. Despite the name, serverless does not mean you’re not using a server, rather, the promise of serverless is to… Read more…
Vue Web Dev
Sarah Drasner
Stream Interactive Video with Flash Media Server 3
Take advantage of the growing consumer demand for online, HD-quality video. This session will discuss the benefits of using Adobe Flash Media Server 3 for all audiences including consumers with… Read more…
Web Dev
Kevin Towes
Sync It Up: Synchronize Your Desktop Data Using SQL and AIR
AIR includes a built-in SQLite database that can be perfect for synchronizing your offline data with data living in the “cloud.” In this presentation, learn how to implement connection detection… Read more…
Web Dev
Sean Voisen
Test Driven Infrastructure
Test driven development is a popular concept in software development, leading to higher quality code that’s easier to maintain. Automated testing is normally a foreign concept in the operations world,… Read more…
DevOps Frameworks Performance
Arthur Maltson
Capital One
The Art of Lazy Loading
This talk will cover the concept of lazy loading in detail and how you can apply the design pattern to multiple different facets of your web page. Objective Explain the… Read more…
Front-End Interaction JavaScript
Houssein Djirdeh
Google Chrome
The Department of Homeland Graffiti
Hackers and graffiti writers unite! The street and the Net are both filled with opportunities for small people to alter the course of large systems. Join Evan Roth for tales… Read more…
Evan Roth
The Madness of Interaction
The Madness of Interaction Founded on hopes in dreams in 1999, Grupo W used improvisation and enterprising ingenuity to overcome their obstacles and gain international acclaim. Based in a part… Read more…
The Pixel Whisperer
At the bottom of any digitally generated image live the pixels – innocuous and insignificant when you encounter them alone, but impressive and earth-shattering once they flock together as a… Read more…
Web Dev
Mario Klingemann
The Process of Finding Your Process
Every agency is different. And of course, this is due to the skills and focus of each firm. But it is also due in large part to the way these… Read more…
The React Cookbook: Advanced Recipes to Level Up Your Next App
It’s finally happened: your React project has grown from fledgling side-hobby into serious web application! Will your architecture hold up to your project’s new found scale, or will you let… Read more…
Front-End JavaScript React
Simon Bloom
Think Globally, Design Locally
This talk is about design, people, and meaning. Let’s call it “Creative Sustainability”, or maybe “Sustainable Creativity” ? If you cared most about people as a group and our collective… Read more…
Think Like a Hacker: Avoiding Common Web Vulnerabilities
Cybersecurity is still often overlooked in our industry. Clients don’t necessarily see the impact of the work we do to secure applications, and that can make it hard to prioritize… Read more…
Foundations Security
Kristina Balaam
Tomato and the Interactive Moment
The talk will gravitate around a mix of Tomato and art school projects. The main themes explored are ‘opening oneself to the idea of process as a strategy’, ‘work as… Read more…
Web Dev
Joel Baumann
TypeScript: State of the Union
TypeScript has come such a long way in the last few years, and in this talk Microsoft MVP for TypeScript – James will walk you through the latest and greatest… Read more…
JavaScript Libraries Work Better
James Henry
UX and Blockchain
Blockchain is an emerging technology that has incredible potential, but how does that affect UX designers and their users? Though research methods may be similar, designers will face new and… Read more…
Blockchain Innovation UX/UI
Stephanie Nguyen
Variable Fonts and Dynamic Typography with CSS
Scalable systems with modern CSS techniques. Newer developments in CSS make it easier than ever to create robust, scalable, elegant typographic systems on the web and in apps. But the… Read more…
CSS Design Front-End
Jason Pamental
Variations on a Theme
There are a bunch of reasons you might want to theme your application. Everything from adding a dark mode to your website, to white labeling a corporate web application. This… Read more…
CSS Design Front-End
Paul Grant
Martello Technologies
VS Live Share Can Do That?
VS Live Share is a free code collaboration service for VS Code. Think of it as Google Docs for your JavaScript files. Multiple developers can collaborate on the same project… Read more…
Collaboration Innovation Work Better
Burke Holland
Watch This Space
The web has been good to us and it is more amazing than ever – from a technical perspective. The problem is that it has become a given – not… Read more…
Front-End Web Dev Work Better
Christian Heilmann
We All Live in a Yellow (Serverless) Submarine
The term “serverless” is finding it’s way into everyday development, but is it more than just a buzzword? In this talk, Luke will go over the idea of serverless, and… Read more…
JavaScript Web Dev
Luke DeWitt
We Do It Cause We Love It
This presentation will give a behind the scenes look at Hanazuki/Aiko as a store, as a studio and as a brand. Niko will show how personal and commercial works can… Read more…
Niko Stumpo
WebAssembly Demystified
A revolution is about to begin. WebAssembly (aka wasm) is shipping in all modern browsers, but since it’s (intentionally) very low level, it can be difficult to understand how it… Read more…
Experiential Innovation Performance
Jay Phelps
This Dot, Inc.
What Clients Won’t Buy
Lifelong Friendship Society creates a Multimedia Conversation discussing, dissecting and deconstructing one of the most basic questions facing anyone in the design industry. From practical to the existential. Audience: Digital… Read more…
Lifelong Friendship Society
What’s New in React?
JavaScript is constantly changing — it sure can be hard to keep up. This talk will dive into some of the new aspects of react as well as some of… Read more…
Animation JavaScript React
Wes Bos
Who Will Be the Designer of the Future?
The proliferation of user-generated content on community sites has resulted in a challenge to the boundaries and barriers for creative expression. Many similar concepts are enabling designers to experience sharing… Read more…
Lydia Varmazis
Workshop: Intermediate React
THIS WORKSHOP IS SOLD OUT Note: This workshop is 10am to 5pm on Sunday, September 30 (Grab a WORKS or WORKSHOP Ticket). This workshop will help you solidify your knowledge… Read more…
Intermediate React Workshop
Wes Bos
Workshop: Front-End Performance: Building Faster Websites
THIS WORKSHOP IS SOLD OUT Note: This workshop is 10am to 5pm on Sunday, September 30 (Grab a WORKS or WORKSHOP Ticket). Overview Every case-study, every report, and every bit… Read more…
Front-End Intermediate Performance Workshop
Harry Roberts
CSS Wizardry Ltd.
Workshop: Next Steps With CSS Layout
Note: This workshop is 10am to 5pm on Sunday, September 30 (Grab a WORKS or WORKSHOP Ticket). Overview In this workshop you’ll explore the new features available for CSS Layout… Read more…
CSS Intermediate Workshop
Rachel Andrew
Workshop: Papervision3D from the Core
Note that this is a pre-festival workshop day (April 19), and therefore is only available to those who have ‘the works’ tickets, or the ‘pre-festival workshop’ tickets In this one… Read more…
Ralph Hauwert
Unity Technologies
What’s up, dudes and dudettes! Get into the totally rad world of making your website tubular with themes! In this gnarly demo, Paul is going to structure your SCSS files… Read more…
Live Coding The B-Side
Paul Grant
Martello Technologies
Young Talent
What do studios and agencies look for when hiring young talent? How much is a portfolio weighed over a diploma or degree? What should applicants avoid when submitting resumes or… Read more…
Your CSS Layout Toolkit for 2019
As we head into the final quarter of 2018, let’s take a look at where we are with CSS Grid Layout, and CSS layout in general. In this talk you… Read more…
CSS Front-End Web Dev
Rachel Andrew