James brings over 25 years in the creative industries to his current role as Manager, Industry Initiatives, at the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC) in Toronto, Canada. Mr. Weyman oversees a $15 million portfolio of programs and services that support business development for industries including film, television, new media, book and magazine publishing. This includes funds for content production, marketing, domestic and international business development, and for creating new strategic opportunities for business growth and collaboration. Mr. Weyman manages the OMDC Film Fund, OMDC Interactive Digital Media Fund and the new OMDC Collaboration and Innovation Fund, among others.

The OMDC (Ontario Media Development Corporation) is a dynamic cultural agency based in Toronto, Canada. As a world leader in government support for the creative industries we stimulate investment in the cultural industries in Ontario. Support includes: Development, Production, Marketing and Export Funds; Film Commission services to attract and facilitate screen-based production and post-production activities in Ontario;  and the administration of Ontario’s Tax Credits for domestic and foreign Film, Television, VFX , Animation and Interactive Digital Media Industries.