Ivan Todorov | Co-Founder, CEO & Chief Technology Officer | BLITZ

As CEO, Ivan guides BLITZ as one of the world’s most renowned independent digital agencies that specializes in interactive branded experiences, rich Internet applications, and user interfaces. Evangelizing the promise of a digitally-centric advertising world fueled by technology and interactive branded experiences, he is responsible for BLITZ’s positioning to maximize growth and deliver innovative solutions and value to BLITZ’s worldwide clients.

As CTO, Ivan is also responsible for BLITZ’s technology practice, service offerings, and IT operations, ensuring the company’s award-winning engineering teams continue to deliver cutting-edge solutions. Over the years Ivan has built up BLITZ’s strategic development partnerships, assets, frameworks, code libraries, documentation, training materials, and best practices knowledge base.

His fascination with math motion, physics, and particle animation scripts are often reflected in BLITZ’s interactive development of fluid interfaces, games and artificial intelligence (AI) behaviors.

Prior to his CTO role, Ivan ran the Project Management and Information Technology departments for three years, during which time he built up and directed the development methodology, IT infrastructure, and implemented enterprise-level project management, version control and QA solutions. He has worked on and launched several hundred projects, ranging from interactive web experiences, applications, kiosks and games to animated series, 3D cinematics, video and post productions.

Ivan is a highly-sought technology expert, speaker and educator, frequently presenting at Flash Forward, Adobe MAX and FITC conferences. His prowess for digital advertising is a byproduct of a multi-disciplinary background encompassing visual design, UX, 3D, motion graphics, video and programming. His ten years of passion and industry experience for interactive technologies continue to fuel BLITZ’s reputation as a leader, and have resulted in a countless number of the agency’s awards and recognitions including Key Art, Flash Forward, Adobe MAX Award, SXSW, One Show, ADDYs, Web Award, London International Advertising Awards (LIAA), Internet Advertising Competition (IAC), and over 20 FWAs. He has proven instrumental in developing relationships with long-term clients such as Adobe, MGA Entertainment, Google, Microsoft and GE, helping them to more effectively utilize technology to build their brands and develop compelling interactive experiences for their customers.

Prior to BLITZ, Ivan co-founded Silicon Valley-based interactive branding and animation company eStudio in 1998, where he helped to raise $5M in venture capital. Ivan holds a degree in Computer Video Imaging from Cogswell College. Ivan is a frequent contributor to BLITZ’s blog @ labs.blitzagency.com