Daniele is a Toronto-based intermedia artist and founder and executive director of Electric Perfume, a community-oriented space focusing on experiential arts through exhibitions, events, workshops, socials, and development/playtesting. At Electric Perfume, she organizes and curates shows and series that give creators within the community a chance to learn, explore, perform, and showcase their endeavours. Electric Perfume also functions as a production studio where Daniele develops interactive and experiential works for a variety of commercial clients, venues, galleries, and events offsite. In her personal practice, Daniele communicates perspectives and experiences by manipulating disparate tool sets, such as audio/video compositions, atmospheric and sculptural tech-art installations, ballpoint pen illustrations, as well as the creation and adaptation of game worlds and interfaces.

Daniele is passionate about teaching and mentorship, both in Toronto, and as a visiting InPath artist engaging indigenous youth in the arts. She is also on the board of directors for Musicworks Magazine, a publication covering cutting-edge experimental music, now in its 40th year. Most of her projects are an exploration of intersections between nature, technology, sculpture, sound, and interactivity, and the sculptural component of her works is commonly based in discarded, obsolete, or found materials. Daniele is a lover of insects, and she often looks for subtle methods of incorporating their enigmatic beauty in her projects.