Cordy is a 20+ year entertainment industry & software development veteran. Her portfolio spans film, television, music videos, commercials, visual effects, feature animation, interactive entertainment and mixed reality. She leads teams and cross collaboration with technology, creativity, business, storytelling, design and marketing that span dozens of titles and programs. She is happiest at the crossroad of creativity and technology.

Cordy’s most recent programs include Microsoft HoloLens, 3D for everyone and transformation of mixed reality. She is currently part of the leadership team for first party Microsoft Windows Experiences. Cordy is a graduate of University of Central Florida and Full Sail University where she studied communication, film, video, radio & TV. Cordy is a 2009 inaugural Hall of Fame Inductee for Full Sail University for outstanding contributions and achievements in the entertainment industry and has been honoured with a Congressional Recognition Award for dynamic digital visual effects in the film industry.