Ayaan is the co-founder of Genis – a health tech startup aimed at creating a proactive healthcare system in which we already know what disease the patient will get years before they have it, so that they can take steps today towards eliminating the disease allowing the patient to not get sick in the first place! He has spoken at TEDxDonMills, TakeOver Dubai, Elevate & BioHackSummit 2018. At only 14 years old, Ayaan also conducted an experiment in which he personalized certain blood clot medications to specific patients based on their genetic information, allowing us to become a step closer towards providing medicine that’s personalized and precise.

During the summer he also became really passionate about nanotechnology, and worked at a nanotechnology lab in which he was able to synthesize nano-fibers onto clothing for biomarker detection and analyzation. Apart from his passion in exponential sciences he also loves to play soccer!