Andy is one of The Mill London’s Business Development Directors responsible for finding a diverse range of opportunities to test all of The Mill’s talents. He also acts as an Integrated EP for jobs that utilise multiple skill-sets or result in multiple deliverables. He grew into this role after building and leading the company’s digital division which created award-winning projects for Audi, Compare the Market, Absolut, Pepsi and Samsung amongst many others. Andy joined The Mill as the EP for Colour-Grading where he saw in the transition to non-linear grading and conceived of and launched Mill Colour, a much awarded iPhone app that allowed professional grading on the iPhone; to date the app has received 1.5m+ downloads. Andy began his career in music videos at Propaganda Films before moving client side to commission music videos for Virgin Records. Andy is an expert in all facets of creating moving image. He is also a self-professed geek with a passion for innovation and the internet.