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Taking Ontario Mobile presents a comprehensive vision and plan that would transform Ontario into a leading mobile jurisdiction in which residents have access to a 24/7, personalized, context and location aware lifestyle. Based on extensive primary and secondary research our team has extrapolated the province’s capacity and potential and the desires of Ontarians we surveyed into a comprehensive vision. We face a global economic challenge and a world in which mobility sits at the crossroads of business capacity. We will discuss how success is possible through the collaborative efforts of industry, government and public sectors in Taking Ontario Mobile.

Even in times of economic duress, the failure to modernize through changing technology and systems, building infrastructure and developing capabilities in research, education and industrial strength could lead to significant future gaps in competitiveness. Taking Ontario Mobile investigates several sectors that are essential to the quality of life and productivity of the province’s citizens and can be improved through mobility: lifelong learning (including K–12 and post-secondary education), healthcare and government services The discussion will include mobile entertainment in recognition of the strength of cultural industries in Ontario, and looks at the potential and challenges of mobile commerce adoption as it builds new economic processes and offers opportunities for Ontario’s powerful financial sector. Because our vision of a mobile Ontario is predicated on an entire mobile network or system that resides around the individual, we outline the forms that mobile inclusion—economic and social—may take and provide an understanding of the barriers to mobile inclusion.