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I have iTunes, Google Play, Twillio, GPS – what can carrier APIs do for me and what can I develop with them?  If you’re wondering about these things then we have some answers for you.  Imagine the money making opportunities of being able to bill for your content and app features through your users’ phone bill and get paid by the carrier.  How about being able to track a bunch of users without their app having to talk to your server – what kind of new games and features could you build?  Wouldn’t it be swell if you didn’t have to talk to the carriers at all?  Come and find out about the GSMA OneAPI Gateway, which opens up all this and more.

The GSMA OneAPI Gateway provides application developers with a simple way to connect to and use a standard set of APIs available from all of the major Canadian Mobile Network Operators (Bell, Rogers, TELUS). The OneAPI Gateway offers: simplified relationships – no need for multiple carrier negotiations; build once – work across mobile networks and devices; and a large addressable market – immediate access to over 24 million subscribers (93% of Canadian mobile subscribers).